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40 Year Old Single Mom Of 3 Seeks Grant Money To Keep Up And Get Ahead

by Sonya Schaff
(Brocton, NY, USA)

I am 40 years old have been legally separated for 5 years. I am a single mother of 3 children. I hold a GED and an LPN license.

I was working as an LPN at a local hospital when I injured myself lifting a patient. At first the doctors (and I) thought it was a pulled muscle.

When it did not become better in three weeks I was sent for an MRI and it was discovered that I had two herniated cervical discs.

This led to physical therapy, epidural injections and finally surgery in 2005. These measures have not resolved the pain and loss of mobility in my neck and right arm.

In addition to this, since I injured myself I have pain from my neck down to my feet. I am currently being evaluated for rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia.

The symptoms I exhibit are inflammation, pain and tenderness in ALL joints, decreased mobility and use of upper extremities, at times difficulty ambulating and difficulty sitting or standing for prolonged periods.

I am currently considered 75% disabled and my restrictions are: no repetitive motion, no working over my head, no lifting more than 10 pounds, no standing for more than 30 minutes, no sitting for more than 30 minutes.

I also had surgery on my right knee in 2009 for a meniscus tear after which I developed an MRSA infection. This has made my immune system weak leaving me more susceptible to germs and made it so that I tire very easily as well.

My financial difficulties are being able to pay enough to secure safe adequate housing for my children and myself.

It's also hard getting transportation for doctors' appointments, grocery shopping and the intense efforts I make to return to work in at least some capacity.

I have sent 450 resumes/applications in the last two years to no avail. I continue to peruse four different online local employment websites weekly.

I have taken four civil service exams and did well on them but still nothing. I occasionally baby-sit or do office work for family and friends for extra money but my main sources of income are SSI and workers compensation.

I am looking for a grant and perhaps some credit counseling so that I am able to raise my credit score.

I have no current business ideas except perhaps my own home online business doing research for attorneys and corporations, which I have been looking into but it involves start-up costs (equipment) that I cannot afford.

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