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41 Year Old Bipolar Woman And Navy Veteran Seeks Transportation Grant

by Lucynda
(Olive Branch, MS, USA)

I am a female Navy veteran with bipolar and borderline personality disorders and Type II diabetes.

I am 41 years old and the Memphis Veterans Affairs Hospital has suspended my Drivers License due to my illnesses.

My husband who works nights has to go without sleep in order to take me to my various doctors' appointments.

I was diagnosed in 2004 as bipolar but looking back I showed signs of bipolar disorder the whole time I was in the Navy.

I was just diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in April 2011. This explains why my bipolar is so severe.

I was also diagnosed with diabetes Type II in March 2011 and that's when the Veterans Affairs Hospital told me I was unable to drive.

I collect Disability from the government.

My financial hardship is credit cards maxed out due to "manic" episodes, Insurance and medical bills from various hospital stays.

My immediate hardship is getting to the doctor. We live in the country and there is not any public transportation available.

After working for 9-1/2 years with bipolar and having episodes and hospital stays and being on months of medical leave, I am now lucky to collect Disability.

My bipolar/borderline personality disorder is still acting up. Just this year I have had 3 psychological hospital stays already.

I am looking for a grant so I can pay my bills and hire a driver to take me to my appointments.

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