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41 Year Old Disabled Truck Driver Seeks Grant Money For Medical Expenses

by Ronny Hernandez
(Santa Clarita, CA, USA)

I am a 41 year old man, happily married with three children and three grand babies.

My disability is multiple blood clots in my lungs. It all started June 9, 2011. My family and I recently moved from Artesia, New Mexico to Santa Clarita, CA.

I used to work at BJ Services, which is a truck driving company where we deal with frac.

Moving to California I wanted to stay with a truck-driving job. CRST Trucking hired me May 5, 2011.

The job required us to drive all over 49 states. It's a process of working for 28 days and back for 4 days.

You are non-stop driving with a partner. For instance, when I am doing my 10 hours, my partner is resting then vise versa.

I have a daughter that was diagnosed with a blood clot in her pulmonary valves to her right lung in 2007.

Since she has had this problem I was tested for blood clots to see if there was a connection. I did not have any blood clots.

This brings me to the date of June 9th.

I was in San Leandro, CA at the UPS Terminal. There I was unhitching the trailer from the truck and I passed out and hit my head on the road.

Five minutes later I was in San Leandro Hospital where they diagnosed me with having multiple blood clots in my lungs.

They also said it looked like I had a mild heart attack. They said it was a miracle I was still alive.

When blood clots go through your heart it will cause you to have a heart attack. Instead my heart shot the clots into my lungs.

I was in the hospital for eight days, and I was put on Coumadin, Heparin and Lovenox, which are blood thinners.

The doctors say that my case is a case to keep a real close eye on. I have had doctors' appointments three times a week and I have recently found out I cannot go back to work for 6 months, if that.

The doctors tested everything and told me that my daughter's condition and my condition are not similar.

They told me my condition was caused by excessive sitting and lack of circulation, which then formed blood clots in my legs.

Doctors came to a conclusion that my physical activity was most likely what triggered the blood clot to break off and go to my heart.

I recently applied for disability and they have denied the application. I was also denied Workers Comp.

I am not receiving any benefits from my work, for example, workers comp and disability.

I cannot drive in fear that I may pass out while driving.

I cannot afford gas to get to my appointments nor the medications that are prescribed.

SSDI was denied and I am attempting to find a job that is work-at-home.

I am applying for grants to help pay month-to-month expenses and medical bills.

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Oct 10, 2011
I feel for you
by: Anonymous

Something similiar to that happened to me. I wish I could help you but all I've got are my prayers for you. I hope someone with money will help you. Are you back to work yet?
May God Bless.

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