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41 Year Old Mother Of Down Disabled Child Seeks Business Grant Money

by Nichole Guest
(Grand Junction, CO, USA)

I am a 41-year-old woman who gave birth to a beautiful and welcome baby girl in April of 2009 who happened to have Down's syndrome.

I was aware that my baby would be born with Downs and knew that it would present many challenges.

However, I believed I was chosen to be this child's mother and knew it would change my life in so many positive ways that I welcomed this life into my own.

She was born with some related cardiac conditions and even though I moved closer to my relatives so I would have help with taking care of her needs, I decided to quit my job and stay home with her full time.

I am a college graduate who has had a lucrative career in the construction management industry for over 15 years.

The problem with my work and having a special needs child is that it requires an inordinate amount of travel, long hours and continuous relocation to new projects - often across the country.

So, after having basically much of my adult life identified with this career, it was quite difficult to start all over again at my age.

Having now lived off of a fixed income for a year, I have adjusted my standard of living and re-evaluated my purpose.

I know for certain that I am a mother first and foremost. But I have been a bit lost otherwise in where I am now to go.

I have sought out part-time positions to supplement my small income - however, I am always over qualified.

Having three children to raise as a single mother is a daily struggle and I know I have so much to give - if I can find a way to get there!

I started buying and selling on eBay as a hobby about six years ago. And when I found out I was carrying a Down's child, I pursued that hobby full time - turning it into a fairly elaborate business - buying storage unit liens and reselling.

I honed this idea into a very marketable one - with a high profit margin. However, having had to relocate and having had my child, I was without the finances to continue.

It is my desire to start this business up again - but this time adding a non-profit thrift store to the mix - generating funds to go directly to families of Down's children who are perhaps also struggling to make it in this economy.

With my business background, I feel - no, I know - I can make this work with very little start-up costs. I am just beginning in my research, but hope a government grant is out there for someone like me.

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