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42 Year Old Disabled Married Father Seeks Grant To Escape Living Nightmare

by Anita
(St. Clair Shores, MI, USA)

I am the wife of a wonderful hardworking man and together we have two beautiful sons 7 and 2.

My husband started working two jobs in 2007 when I became pregnant with our 3rd son.

He worked those two jobs until 2009, and within two months during 2009 he lost both jobs.

Both companies initially protested his unemployment and for some reason we have yet to be given an explanation for, one of the companies was allowed to submit two different reasons for his discharge.

We are still going through the legal procedures to obtain his rightful unemployment.

On January 1 2010 due to the stress of totally losing his income he had a seizure, something he had never had before.

It was so severe it broke the ball and socket of both of his shoulders and tore major muscles and tendons.

He was in extreme pain and could not lift his arms above his waist. He could not perform any of the functions of daily living eating, bathing, toileting, etc.

I then lost my job caring for him. Our only source of income is my 90-year-old mother's social security. I also care for her.

The Michigan Department of Human services denied us food stamps because of my mother.

Social Security just denied him disability saying he is not disabled and that he should be able to perform some sort of job with his feet.

To appeal is going to take upwards of 9 to 18 months.

We have now been without any income for 9 months, exhausted all of our savings, lost one car and been evicted.

I currently have to take my husband to physical therapy 3 times a week, and I am looking for night work because no help seems to be coming for us.

I am writing in hope someone reading this can help.

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