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42 Year Old Disabled Navy Veteran Seeks Grant Money For Rehabilitation Ranch

by Michael Collins
(Escondido, CA, USA)

I am a 42-year-old single male. My military service was in the US Navy until my retirement with a terminal disease in 1994.

Upon separation, I was given 100% disability from the VA and informed I was unemployable.

Since then I have survived and earned an Accountancy BBA. I'm four courses away from completing a Masters of Business Administration.

My disabilities are a terminal disease (HIV/AIDS stage 6), obstructive sleep apnea, gout, adult ADHD, lipodystrophy, migraines and chronic back pain.

I survived Sarcoma Kaposi's in 1996. These conditions occurred while I served in the US Navy.

I received 100% service connection and was put on the Permanent Disabled Retired List, and also given 100% disability by the Veterans Administration.

I have attempted to return to work multiple times, yet have had limited opportunities. My memory functions are limited and my frustrations become insurmountable.

Numerous daily medications provide hope. Currently I use a cane and a walker.

Working for the US Postal Service lasted 3 years, ended by my chronic back pain.

I also worked as a Project Analyst under a one-year contract, which I did complete.

My final attempt at working was for the IRS, as an Individual Tax Advisory Specialist. I did enjoy it, but it was a temporary position.

I was then appointed as a Revenue Officer with dismal results as I was terminated from the position.

My goal is to build a Veterans Rehabilitation Ranch for returning veterans and existing veterans.

It would be a non-profit entity allowing veterans the choice of becoming farmers, and training them toward options rather than traditional expectations upon returning home.

I have been reviewing property in Klamath County in Oregon for my interest in a Veterans Rehabilitation Ranch.

This concept could provide returning veterans with the skills toward becoming farmers, as this country needs people to become farmers again.

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