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42 Year Old Disabled Single Mom In Debt Seeks Emergency Relocation Grant

by Patricia Felser
(Florahome, FL, USA)

I am a never-married 42-year-old single mom in debt. I'm looking for an emergency relocation grant.

I have one daughter who is 16 and is an A B honor roll student and is on the cheerleading squad.

My daughter's boyfriend also lives with me and in the small town we live in he is having a really hard time finding a job.

In July of 2001 I was thrown from a horse and shattered a vertebra in my spine beyond repair.

The surgeon had to remove all of the pieces of the bone and replace it with a cadaver vertebra. He added rods and screws to fuse 4 of my vertebrae together.

In 2003, another surgeon recommended having the rods removed, which I did. It was the biggest mistake I ever made.

Now, the longer I am in the upright position the worse the pain gets, because the rods are no longer supporting the upper weight off of the bad vertebra.

Now I'm on major amounts of pain medication, which I would not be able to function without. I am permanently disabled because of this.

Two and a half years ago I was in need of some extra money to purchase a car and a few other issues that came up so I decided to refinance my home of 12 years.

The company who brokered the refinancing led me astray and left me as a single mom in debt with few options for debt relief.

They told me that I would only have to make the $1042 payment for six months. And they said that because of the loan being reported to the credit bureau, I would be able to refinance again in six months.

This would get the payment back down to the $620 I was able to afford for ten years.

After six months went by I tried to get in touch with the man who brokered my loan to find out that he no longer worked for the company.

I also found out that the loan was never reported to the credit bureau so I was not able to refinance through them.

I tried for two years to refinance while making the high payments, by selling everything of value I had with no success.

The last thing I sold to make the last payment I could afford was the trees on ten of the twenty acres I live on.

I hired a lawyer who had no success in getting my payments lowered back down to something I could afford. Now I am being asked to leave in 90 days with a deed in lieu of foreclosure to keep my credit good.

I live off of a $674 SSI check as well as welfare and food stamps. I have tried in vain to find a legitimate job that I could do online from my home.

I do babysit my friends' kids to make a little extra money to keep my bills paid.

The problem is that I have 90 days to vacate the only home my daughter has ever known and I am trying to find help with a relocation grant.

I need a relocation grant to be able to afford to move to a rental in Bradenton, Florida.

I need to go back to Bradenton because that is where my doctor is and every month I have to make a 3-hour each way drive to see him.

It would be much easier if I do have to move for me to move there. I need help coming up with first and last months rent as well as the security deposit.

I could also use some help with the rent until my daughter's boyfriend finds a job. He has a much better chance of finding a job in Bradenton than in the small town of Palatka where we live close to.

I would also like to be able to find a legitimate job that I can do from home on my computer. Being that I am disabled I am unable to work full-time at a regular job.

As a single mom in debt, I have few options left. I would appreciate any kind of grant or any other help.

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Oct 22, 2011
This person needs help NOW!
by: Anonymous


After reading this story I personally wish I was able to help her. If there is any way someone out there could help, please step up. This woman is on borrowed time. It sounds to me like she will become homeless here shortly and that would be tragic for her daughter. This is a story I have read one too many times here in America and it is people like her that truly deserve help. I wish you the best 42 year old disabled single mom in debt seeking emergency relocation grant!

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