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42 Year Old Pain Disabled Former Laborer Seeks Grant Money For Normal Life

by Greg Templeman
(Virginia, USA)

After almost twenty years of working and suffering with terrible back pain, I feel I'm too young to have this much pain and trouble with my back, right?

So about two years ago I went to a chiropractor, who misdiagnosed my condition as I later learned. That's what led me to continuing and permanent injury to my back and spinal cord.

I ended up at the free clinic only to be rushed to the emergency room where I finally received the MRI and the x-rays that discovered the real problem!!

I had a severe case of degenerative disc disease and multiple impinged nerves and boney spurs and bulging discs which leave me in great pain.

At last proof that I am in real pain! Good, right?" No, not at all good!

My doctor and the nice lady at the social services said in a very nice and calming way that now I should apply for my social security disability because my condition is not going to get better.

They said that the operations I would need to stabilize my spine would more than likely make things worse (permanent paralysis!) before they would/might get better.

Being so young they want me to wait and see if things get somehow better with more time?!

Multiple surgeries and recovery with the probability that they "would/could" cause paralysis is not an option, so I started taking synthetic narcotic pain relievers.

I am now hooked on them. On top of all this pain I have nausea and an addiction to the only peace I have from the pain.

I received my disability from the government earlier this spring after almost two years of fighting and using a big time lawyer from Chicago.

I want to pay off my doctor bills and get my child support paid off so I can get my driving license reinstated so I can go back to school and become more of a whole person again.

I'm in counseling for depression and an unforeseen condition from an early childhood trauma and I suffer with PTSD and a personality disorder.

What else can happen I dare not ask!

I would like some help. I have nowhere to go from here. My parents are retired and on a fixed income, and the economy is just a mess here in southwest Virginia.

I've been a laborer all my life and know nothing but hard work and that part of my life is all of a sudden over.

I'm in a terrible state of mind and feel completely lost as to where my future lies.

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