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43 Year Old Bipolar Debra Seeks Government Grant Money To Live Dream

by Debra White
(Danville, AR, USA)

Me with my daughter Faith

Me with my daughter Faith

Me with my daughter Faith My son Edward and my granddaughter

I am 43 years old and bipolar. I have 2 children, and I am divorced from my girls' father who tried to break my neck as I was leaving him 9 years ago.

As a result, I sustained a neck and spine injury. I have been unable to work and my spine now has progressively gotten worse.

They thought it was bony metastatic disease cancer but it turned out to be disc degenerative disease with severe arthritis.

The amount of pain I suffer each and every day is a living nightmare, but I will never stop living because of it.

It has caused me to not be able to work to provide a home of our own. I can't afford to buy a car.

I have to pay people to take me to the doctors. It takes away from my children due to the cost of gas.

I draw 100% Disability. I have had to go to churches for food. I walked door to door to help pay the bill for our gas when it was turned off.

I have never applied for any kind of grant. Now I am looking for one to help my children and me live our dream.

I am going to start selling Avon and I'll need money to get up and going. A car is a must and would be one of the main things I would buy.

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