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43 Year Old Disabled Man Seeks Grant Money For Autonomous Living

by Mike
(Evansdale, Iowa, USA)

I am a disabled 43-year-old single man. I was disabled at the age of 25 when unemployed and looking for employment.

After completing rehabilitation at the facility 'On with Life' in Ankeny Iowa. I came to Waterloo, Iowa to gain employment and to hopefully be accepted to the Exceptional Persons program.

At the time I was unable to live on my own, but as the years have passed have been able to and since February 2007 now live in Evansdale (town right next to Waterloo).

The day my life changed was March 8, 1992 when the traumatic brain injury from a car incident occurred.

For 28 days I was in a coma and after I came out of it, I was paralyzed on the right side of my body. I couldn't walk, and my sight wasn't right.

I couldn't talk or think straight (like say my name let alone spell it), and things such as these. For nearly two years I was either staying in a hospital or at a rehabilitation center.

Over the years I have been fortunate and have worked as hard as I possibly can. The improvements I made haven't come about overnight and are not 100 percent.

But they're enough to let me finally be able to live on my own and I have done so for the last three years.

After seven years my sight has cleared up enough for me to drive again.

Five years later I'm walking with a cane most of the time instead of being stuck in the wheelchair constantly.

I'm able to talk so most people understand me. My mind works clearly enough to be able to think, reason, have judgment and use common sense.

My right arm still hasn't much movement in it, but is better than it was because at least there is a little movement in it now and just doesn't sit there like a dead piece of meat.

For 18 years now I've scraped by month by month living off the SSDI that I get monthly.

I would greatly appreciate getting a grant to help me with the financial difficulties I've been having to deal with for years.

I can't handle paying the financial obligations much longer. I can't just up and move, because I don't have any money to do it, and I'm having trouble finding a place that is any cheaper.

The money that I receive from SSDI is being stretched by me as far as possible and is not enough to live on and cover these obligations.

I've been trying and working with the Vocational Rehabilitation Office for years to gain employment, along with filling out at least eight applications a month.

It has been a little discouraging that over all this time I've not been employed yet by a company.

If I were to receive a grant, it would go to pay the loan I have off at the bank and the rest of it to buy a house.

This would have it so the obligations of paying for the loan and rent are not there and make it so I have some cash to pay for some of the other financial obligations I have.

The grant would also enable me not to have to rely on the services of receiving money from Section 8 and the food stamps program anymore. And I could more so pay for things on my own instead of having them paid for me buy someone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would greatly appreciate it if you can lead me to any place that might help me with these financial obligations.

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