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43 Year Old Disabled Widow Seeks Help For Business And Pension Benefits

by Ericka Sears
(Hawkinsville, Georgia, USA)

I am 43 years old and a widow. I have very supportive and loving family. I have four intelligent very good children.

My 22-year-old is getting his life on track, attending college and working. My 13-year-old is an A/B student and aspires to be a professional football player. My 11-year-old daughter plays French horn, rides dressage and wants to play tennis. My eight-year-old is an excellent reader.

I was born in Cleveland Ohio and grew up in Detroit Michigan. My mother attended Wayne State University and worked a lot to keep my brother and me in private schools.

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Disability Issues

I am a survivor of sexual child abuse. I incorporated a lot of bad habits into my adult life. I moved around all the time, never staying in my own place more than four to five months.

I have worked in all fields from high-end banquet serving, construction worker to quality control and fabrication, manufacturing.

I was diagnosed in 2001 with bipolar disorder with manic depression anxiety with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

I self medicated for many years. I am clean and sober now. I also see a doctor every month and a therapist every three weeks. I take medication.

Financial Hardship

I receive Social Security Insurance and Disability. It does not leave me with enough money to survive or even give my children the things they want and some of the things they need.

I do not have a car. We have to get rides from my family. It is hard on us all.

We live in a two-bedroom apartment. It is nice but we really cannot afford it. It has been tough. I need to be working.

It is hard for me to pay for doctor visits, transportation, my medications and my children's transportation to the doctors for their ADHD disorder. Their medication is free.

My mother helps a lot but she got hurt at work. She worked there for 15 plus years. They keep cutting her money, so she is struggling also.

I cannot take my kids on vacation. I cannot buy shoes and clothes. I cannot go to Applebee's or McDonald's.

We are always struggling. Our future and dreams are not going to come together if I cannot get my own business.

I do not even have a smart phone. That makes things pretty hard. I could not even provide Christmas this year.

Income Efforts

I applied for Disability three times before I was accepted but it is just not enough.

We go to church where we've been members for three and half years. They are great at church. They help with some things when they can.

I have tried work-at-home businesses. It just does not work. Most of them are scams. I still keep trying to make it happen.

Specific Needs

I need a lawyer to help me get my dead husband's pension. I don't even know where to start. He has been dead since 2005 and we were separated. I need his social security number. Everyone keeps spinning me in circles. I know that I am eligible. I cannot get survivor benefits until I am 50.

I need a grant to start my own business.

Business Idea

I want to start my own business. I am black, a women with a disability. I am very determined to start my own tire and plastic recycling plant. Eventually, I would also like to do some manufacturing and fabrication.

I would like to control my destiny. I know that it is going to be very profitable.

I will be helping the environment. I believe that there are some grants just for that. I will also be putting people in the community to work.

I will need a good manager and about two to five more employees including me. I have been trying to put a business plan together. It will take some money but I can do it.

I will be putting all of my heart and soul into it. I will need a small plant to get started. I see my future being very bright.

I have a dream and it will come true.

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