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43 Year Old Disabled Woman Seeks Government Grant To Be Self Sufficient

by Robin
(Montalba, Texas, USA)

I am 43 years of age and have been disabled for one year. I am not married. I have a large family that all live nearby.

I have one disabled daughter that lives with her father. I am a high school graduate but have no special training.

I am currently receiving a disability check due to a major depression disorder. My depression first began when my daughter was about three months old. I have been taking anti-depressants ever since.

I have read many books and seen many counselors. Nothing helps me get better.

Things started getting really bad in 1994 when I started working on a regular full time basis. I started crying a lot.

It's my personal life that causes me so much turmoil. Men and trying to take care of my schizophrenic daughter took a toll on me.

About six years ago things started becoming unbearable. I began getting mad at work. Getting mad would make me cry and slam things.

It continually got worse for the next five years. I was constantly irritated at my boss and coworkers for not doing their jobs to the ability that I thought they should have been done.

Still employees where I shop make me mad for not doing their jobs correctly. After five years of dealing with this I couldn't take it anymore and resigned from my job.

Currently I am taking four medications and do not see any hope of not having to take them.

I receive $1052 a month from SSI. I am on Medicaid and receive $56 a month of food stamps. I cannot support myself on this amount of money.

I think seriously every day about going back to work but I just can't handle it. I am going to talk with a lady about cleaning her house tomorrow but I will have a problem buying gas to go.

Everyone has told me how much better I have been since I quit my job. I feel a great deal better.

The stress of working is too much for me. I do not deal with it well. People make me mad.

I owe several doctor bills and two credit cards (which I do not use any longer). My $56 in food stamps does not buy the food I need.

I do have a car that is paid for.

My essential bills add up to approximately $705 a month, then I have to make payments on credit cards and medical bills.

Before I started receiving my disability payments, I did attempt to go back to work. I was there one day.

All I did was a lot of standing around and was extremely worried about my daughter that was still living with me at that time.

I have applied at several places for part time jobs but have not received any. I am going to see about cleaning houses but I am very nervous about it.

I was able to plant a garden with the help of my father. I am hoping that the garden will be a big help to my grocery bill.

I have not applied for any other help until now. I am not sure that I am capable of writing an application for a grant. It seems overwhelming to me.

I have gone to a food bank and did receive a lot of fresh vegetables. I have not received any other help.

What I am searching for is a grant to end the payments I have to make every month on the medical bills and credit cards.

I also need a washer and dryer and need money to start a large garden. I believe that I can make it on my Social Security if I did not have these extra expenses and could grow a lot of my own food.

My father is a master gardener and can really help me with my gardening for free as long as I have the money for the seeds, plants, stakes, fertilizer, fencing, etc.

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