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43 Year Old Mother With Alcoholic Husband Seeks Help In Fighting Losing Battle

by Sherry Burcham
(Sterrett, Alabama, USA)

I am 43 and worked all my life until December 8, 2010. I am married and seeking a divorce.

I have one little boy and recently adopted my niece. I raised her since she was 8 months old to prevent her from going to an adopted family.

I have narcolepsy, asthma and fibromyalgia. My narcolepsy has gotten severe because I'm not able to afford the expensive medication.

I was formally the supplier for the family and carried the insurance. Now I cannot afford medication or doctors' appointments. So I live with it and get what medication is cheap to keep me going.

My husband is an alcoholic and for the entire 12 years we were married would not stop drinking for myself or his children.

He drives and drinks, passes out and the next day has no memory of what happened or anything I told him.

I went through this for 12 years and now I am trying to file a divorce but have no means of income.

I have filed for disability and I am waiting on that to come through. My husband is not helping me.

I have struggled to put food on the table and get the children what they need. I have family that also helps when able.

I am a strong willed woman and put my children first along with God.

The effect that alcoholism has on the children is sad. I grew up with an alcoholic father so I know that it's not a good environment.

I want out and my children with me. He is turning into a person that scares me. He has become violent and downs me in front of my kids.

I have applied for disability. I did try to work with a company prior to filing disability and was taken for all my money. I have filed complaints with the BBB.

I applied for Medicaid about two months ago but have heard nothing as of yet.

I asked for assistance with a recent power bill and was told it would be a month before an appointment would be set. My power was turned off the same day.

I did get the power on by pawning my car but now I am left trying to pay it too.

My husband had told me he would pay it but as things got bad he refused to do so.

Now I am left with even more on my plate.

I did talk to a company that has one of my narcolepsy medications. The medication is $500. I am working on getting it free but it has not come through yet.

I have applied for food stamps but can receive only $175 worth until our divorce is final.

I need assistance in getting my divorce. I have no money and it's urgent that I get it down now, for my kids and myself.

I have a mobile home in my name only. I would like to get assistance in moving it to a lot or property in our neighborhood.

I promised my son I would do everything possible to keep him in the only school that he has ever gone to.

I have thought about letting it go back but I need a home and do not want to be a burden on anyone as far as living with them.

It's very important to my son that I stay in the same school zone. I need help to pay my bills until my disability comes through.

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