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43 Year Old MS Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Money To Make Home Accessible

by Marsha Jones
(Daytona Beach, Florida, USA)

My name is Marsha Jones. I am a 43-year-old Kindergarten teacher. In the year 2000 I was diagnosed with MS.

I have always loved teaching and I want to continue to teach as long as my body will let me.

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I began having trouble with my legs (balance and walking) last year. I went from using a cane to needing a walker and now I use a scooter at work.

I want to continue doing what I love but my legs are causing a lot of problems. I cannot lift my left leg to get safely in and out of the tub each day.

I fall a lot and I injure myself enough to cause me to miss work. My doctor has suggested that I get my house modified to make it handicapped accessible with a walk-in shower and ramps where I have stairs.

I also have to modify the bathroom so a wheelchair can be used. The walkway and the door have to be widened.

I have always had a belief that each day all I see are butterflies and rainbows, which makes me smile.

I teach that to my class that no matter how difficult things might be you can always find something to smile about.

If I could be pointed in the direction of some government grant money to make my home accessible, that would bring a big smile to my face.

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