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43 Year Old Single Mother Seeks Grant Money For Life Changing Opportunity

by Sam
(West Columbia, SC, USA)

Hello! I'm a 43-year-old single mother of three beautiful healthy, well-adjusted, and very happy children.

Every day I thank God for my miracles. They are not physically or mentally handicapped.

I am writing as a mother with a broken heart and spirit who wants to give her children every opportunity available to them, but is unable to afford it.

The reason I am writing and asking assistance is for them., especially my oldest child. She has an amazing natural gift of acting that has been discovered by some top management from LA.

They have been asked to come to LA to try out on auditions for a period of 5 months.

After researching the cost for an apartment, food, and gas compared to the east coast (where we live), I will have to come up with a substantial amount of money in a VERY short time.

I will also have to maintain our home on the east cost so we will have somewhere to return to. I had to file for Chapter 13 last year, so getting a loan is out of the question.

I've already sold all my assets trying to stay out of Chapter 13, so there is nothing left to sell.

I no longer have any debts, but my paycheck is gone for our home and everyday expenses on the east coast before I even earned it.

I work for the state, so raises are few and far between. With the current economical situation in our state, I do not think we will see anything in the next five years.

I have checked into third-shift jobs, but there is not enough time to accumulate the money they will need after paying sitter, taxes, etc. And, of course, I hate the fact that I would not be here when they wake up from having a nightmare, being sick, etc.

I know this is not life threatening, but it is REALLY breaking my heart that she has this once in a trillion chance to do something that she really wants to do, could drastically change her life (college tuition), is naturally very good at, and has outstanding backing in the industry.

The other two children are just as talented but are still very young; they would like them to try out on some smaller parts.

As their mother, I want to give them every opportunity that is offered but the money is just not there. So, I'm at a loss on how to help them get there and stay for the time period asked of them.

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