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44 Year Old Cerebral Palsy Disabled Woman Seeks Grant For Independence

by Marge McKenzie
(Sutherland Springs, TX, USA)

Holding dog at hockey for hounds

Holding dog at hockey for hounds

I am a 44-year-old female born deaf and with cerebral palsy. I'm looking for a grant to help achieve more independence.

I was born American and have spent 20 years working mostly office jobs. I have paid my taxes and contributed to society.

Now my handicap is taking its toll. I have started feeling the effects of arthritis and migraines.

I'm currently living with family but that can change in an instant, leaving me homeless.

You know family members, you try not to say or do the wrong thing but you can get kicked out and you can't fight it like a regular landlord.

I pay for the groceries, the phone and Internet. I also pay my car payments and insurance.

It's all become harder now, as I am no longer receiving unemployment checks.

It worked well while it lasted, but I understand it did have to end eventually. Relying solely on social security for a month is very hard.

I don't like asking for a handout but I have not been able to get past an interview for a job. And now, out of work since 2009, I feel like I have become unemployable.

I need help with my bills both current and old. I would also like my own apartment so I would need help paying rent when it comes to that.

Something to help with medical and dental would really be appreciated.

Thank you! I hope to hear from someone soon. :)

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