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44 Year Old Single Mom Seeks Disability Grants For Home Accessibility

by M. Specht
(Detroit, Michigan, USA)

I'm a 44-year-old single mom, currently unemployed. I'm looking for disability grants for home accessibility and transportation.

I have two kids: Maisy, a beautiful, bubbly baby that came along to save my life, and Stefanie, who is a 26 year old with multiple severe disabilities.

Stef is unable to walk or stand. She has chronic illness as well. Her mentality is that of an obsessive compulsive. She is fiercely combative and is very angry and justly frustrated.

In 2003 she suffered an embolic stroke and since has much trouble getting along. She fights with me all day. She is totally unreasonable and creates controversies all day and if she is not fighting she is crying. I mean balling.

It is hair-raising here. My mom who is sainted is riding on her last nerves as this is maddening for us and doubly heartbreaking.

I wish I had transportation so I could commit to some activities for her outside the home. I would also allow for more committed medical follow-ups.

Stefanie is unique in her syndrome therefore I have been pushed back and out and left with little to no help for her.

I am getting older and am afraid of what will happen. We need transportation, and housing equipped for her disability.

We don't have a decent chair for her. Her wheelchair does not fit through the doorways in our home or to the outdoors either.

The state government is a joke. It is oversight after oversight. She was not educated as a result of the lackluster attitudes of administrators.

My daughter has been passed over by every professional agency there is. The school system did nothing for her. All empty promises. Help me help her for life.

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