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45 Year Old MS Disabled Woman Seeks Debt Relief And Help To Move Closer To Family

by Robin Briand
(Montgomery, NY, USA)

I am 45 years old, married with one son. I have had Multiple Sclerosis since 1988. With the economy, my family has accumulated debt and is looking for relief.

I was a teacher at a middle school for 19 years. I also coached three different levels of volleyball.

I had to stop because of the stress I faced with trying to help 8th graders figure out where they wanted to go in their lives. I have seen many former students working in their desired fields. I am glad they found something!

My husband used to work for IBM but was let go after 16 years because of downsizing. He now works part time at FedEx. I receive money from Social Security and teacher's retirement.

We found a Ranch style house and have a large mortgage each month. Our Credit card bills are numerous and high. We have had to take from savings to help cover our costs.

I keep looking for new work that I can do from the computer, but I have not found one to keep money coming in to our bank account.

We are now trying to fix up our house to get it sold. We then would move closer to my hometown, so I get family help because of my MS.

Friends are wonderful and we have lots of them, but Family is Family!

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