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45 Year Old Single Mom Of Autistic Son Seeks Grant Money For Daily Needs

by Leslie Davis
(Wilmington, Delaware, USA)

Taken 2 years ago. I love this picture!

Taken 2 years ago. I love this picture!

I am a loving, devoted single 45-year-old mom representing my son, Alex.

I am my son's number one fan and supporter and an advocate for Alex and people with disabilities.

My son is my Earth Hero, he teaches me to never sweat the small stuff and to laugh several times a day because it could always be worse. He cannot tell me that but I know that is what he wants me to know:)

I am representing my son Alex who is a former 26-week preemie, born April 28, 1994, so he's now 17.

Alex has autism and Cowden's syndrome, which causes autistic tendencies and developmental delay, but Alex is so smart too. He can work a computer like no one I know.

His sense of direction is amazing. Alex can go one place and remember exactly how to get there two different ways!

Because Cowden's is a syndrome his developmental delay and autistic tendencies will be during his whole lifetime. I found out with Cowden's you are born early.

As a result of Cowden's syndrome, Alex wasn't born with the proper proteins to protect him against Thyroid, colon and breast cancer.

Alex also has asthma, bronchial pulmonary dysplasia and osteopenia

Last August Alex had his thyroid removed, which had 5 large nodules taking the place of his thyroid removed.

My son was born at 26 weeks (due to my severe preeclampsia and eventually due to high pregnancy blood pressure renal failure).

He spent 3 months in Christiana Hospital (he was too sick to come home) so we had to go to another hospital for 3 months at Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children he came home at 6 months old.

I delivered by an Emergency C-Section after having kidney failure from the toxemia and came home with 14 medicines, 16 hours of nursing, full oxygen, nebulizer treatments, 2 apnea monitors, pulse-ox machine, feeding tube surgically in his stomach.

Alex didn't eat by mouth until he was almost 2 because he was so sick, he lost his suck, swallow and breathe coordination. He's come a long way!

We live on $674 a month and we were blessed with our family home (my dad left us). He knew it's the only home we both know and I cannot work outside the home due to illness myself and Alex's schedule and doctor appointments, some out of town.

Trips to the supermarket cost us $2 a ride. That adds up when you include medical appointments.

Our costs are real estate tax which is $500 a year and due last week, water bill which is over $300, heating and cooling (with 4 lung diseases between both of us it's crucial in the summer and early fall (air conditioning).

We need clothing, soap, towels, mattresses (they cut us because the metal mattress is cutting through the mattress and with no sheets but 2 sometimes we go without sheets.

For the month of September I have a nickel on my dresser for the rest of the month. I pray and pray and think it could be worse. And it does when Alex asks me for a bag of chips and I can't get it.

Senior pics came up unexpectedly on us. I was told Alex would never go to school and even graduate. He did and will do both! June 2012 my miracle son is graduating! :) Proud mommy here! :)

We need school clothes, socks, sneakers, coats and undergarments for both of us. To say no today to my son who wanted a Kit Kat bar was painful.

Bills mount and we keep lights dim and off. Still they prevent us from enjoying even a morsel of life without stress. And necessities that people don't think about are so much needed.

No other income is possible for me to bring into our home. I need glasses, as my cheap pair melted in June this summer.

My son Alex gets SSI, which is a blessing but I'm a mom that feels bad using it for our housing bills, but my sister told me that's what it is there for.

It helps make sure Alex has a loving, safe home and he is being taken care of and that made me feel a little better. But there isn't a dollar for anything else.

I contact catholic charities for utilities and during Christmas I call churches but most don't sit and listen to our story. In many cases, it's in who you know and I don't know anyone but I keep trying.

I would love to work from home but even the cheapest start-ups like $25. I can't even get that together and I know with my drive and personality one day God will find me the perfect stay-at-home job.

Once in a blue moon I will style someone's hair but that happens maybe 2 times a year.

When I wake up each day get on the computer as if that was a job. But I'm actually looking for work from home or someone to help direct me to legit at-home jobs.

I am looking for money grants for our little two-person family to help with bills, transportation and basic necessities.

It's just Alex and I and God gave me Alex to be his mom and I will never give up to have the life that was promised us through Jesus.

Our living expense, even the bare minimum, exceeds our income of $674 a month.

It's tough because I truly don't see a light at the end of the tunnel. Then I saw your website. What you are doing for so many is such a blessing!

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