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46 Year Old Cancer Disabled Single Mom In Debt Seeks Grants For Online Education

by Malissa
(Wilson, NC, USA)

I am a 46-year-old divorced single mom in debt so to speak, and looking for grants for online education.

Both of my children live with me. My oldest is married and expecting my first grandchild.

This is my 3rd year of homeschooling my youngest child. She has passed every end-of-year exam with flying colors!

My disability is related to side effects of cancer treatment. In 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage IIB, at the young age of 43.

In a sense, I'm looking for breast cancer careā€¦ not for the disease itself, but for the side effects.

I opted for a radical mastectomy because I wanted no cancer cells to have a chance of getting left behind.

I had six rounds of chemo and several hospitalizations related to the chemo. I had approximately 35 radiation treatments.

Due to these treatments, I now have decreased ejection fraction rate in my heart (from 63% to 43%) and also decreased ability to perform tasks.

Some days I have energy, some days I don't. That is the frustrating side of it, the very unpredictable ability to accomplish goals.

I receive SSI and my son-in-law works but it is difficult to keep a two-family household going on what I receive and what he earns (little more than minimum wage) and as I stated earlier, they have a baby on the way!

I want to go back to nursing but most nursing jobs require a lot of walking and lifting, which I am physically unable to do anymore.

But there is one position that doesn't require as much physical stamina. Minimum Data Set (MDS) coordinators are licensed nurses who verify the accuracy and compliance of patient charts.

Not having been in the nursing field since 2008, I need to get certified training for this position in order to find a job. Grants for online education would help me achieve this.

I need transportation because even though my daughter has a car, it is not a reliable mode of transportation.

I have a computer and can take courses on line. I just need help paying for them. I really want to get back into nursing. I miss the patients!

I receive SSI for my youngest daughter and myself. I have signed up with a disability program in an attempt to find work.

My son-in-law does work, but makes little above the minimum wage. I am responsible for groceries, electricity, phone service, Internet and mortgage.

So for this single mom in debt, grants for online education to pay for the MDS Nurse certification course would be a true godsend.

Once I am certified, finding a position should be fairly easy, as being certified in this field is highly desirable.

I would need a vehicle for work, because my daughter's vehicle breaks down frequently and my son in law has to have his for his work.

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