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46 Year Old Disabled Man Seeks Relief From Debt Caused By Medical Expenses

by Van Dennis
(Donalsonville, GA, USA)

I'm looking for a grant to help with finances and maybe a home refinancing. Let me start at the beginning.

When I was 15 I was in a bad car wreck that left me handicapped. When I turned 18, my family moved to Columbus Georgia where I started working for a company.

I worked for that company until 2005, when I was advised by my doctor to take medical retirement. My disability started sometime in 2007.

I was told I needed to use all of my retirement and stock and all other means of income before disability would start.

During my time of employment I got married and we now have a 13-year-old son.

After I was told I should retire and get on disability our bills fell behind. We lost our house in Columbus and moved to a small town where my wife had to go to work.

But now because of my being in and out of the hospital, she is no longer employed.

I thought things would be easier and cheaper living in a small town, but with our pay dropping and my credit being shot I can't get a refinance to pay off overdue bills and make our payments lower so we can once again have our lives back.

If you could, please help us find some government grant money or equivalent financial assistance.

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