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46 Year Old Disabled Woman Seeks Debt Relief Grant Money

by Patty Yarbrough
(Collinsville, Mississippi, USA)

My name is Patty Yarbrough and I am 46 years old. I was living a good life until the year of 2004. I was struck down on my knees with a heart attack. I was scared, single, and had no idea what to do.

I went to the doctors and finally was told I needed heart surgery at the age of 40. My life was over as I knew it. I was devastated and scared. I underwent major heart surgery in 2004.

I have a prosthetic heart valve that beats for my heart. I also had a double bypass and an artery in my neck cut open and cleaned. I had no idea how close I was to dying.

After all the surgeries and depression I went through I found out I had contracted a deadly staph infection in my chest wall. I lost my sternum bone to the infection along with my spleen and I almost lost my life.

When I applied for my Social Security benefits I was denied for two years. I was dying and with no one to care about me. I lost my health insurance, doctors, and I had no rehabilitation.

I am in need of help such as a stove that went out and I have such a time buying medicine, food, and rent, along with electric bills. I have had a lung collapse so I have difficulty breathing.

I do get my Social Security but it sure is not enough. Try living on $800 a month and when you need important things to survive you cannot afford it?

I also keep my head up hoping for better days and Pray everyday for my life but I wonder if God hears me anymore.

Churches or places we are made to think will help will turn you away. I have tried everywhere to get help and get denied every time.

Have been denied for the past five and half years on anything I needed help with. When will it end?

I inherited this heart problem and I had worked since the age of 16 along with raising two children. They have their own children so I cannot burden them.

There are times I cannot eat properly because I only qualify for $10 in Food Assistance and with my immune system it is not worth the chance of getting sick from other people.

I stay home and alone and I lost my life. At the blink of an eye I lost my life that I loved.

I have a lot of pain due to all the surgeries and arthritis is awful on my body. I am not sure how much longer I can keep going with the economy and the prices of food. Who can eat healthy with very little money? Patty Yarbrough.

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