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46 Year Old Foot Infection Disabled Father Seeks Help For Rent And Utilities

by Philip Dunkel
(Denver, Colorado, USA)

I am a 46-year-old male who is divorced with one adult and two teenaged children.

I have no military service but I did attend a military college for two years.

I was working in a warehouse setting. I took the bus to work and had a 15-minute walk from the bus stop to work.

Last August, I noticed that my left foot near the ankle was very sore. I had thought I twisted my ankle.

So I bandaged it up and applied ice for a while and thought that would take care of it. Then the weekend of Labor Day 2010 I could not move without a great deal of pain.

I had gone to the emergency room to have someone look at it. I found out that I had an infected left foot.

I had to have the infection removed, which left a hole in the bottom of my foot.

I had spent three months in the hospital, and my insurance ran out. Now I do not have the proper treatments for my foot. It is slowly healing.

I am right now in a wheelchair. I can from time to time move on the foot but not well.

Due to this foot problem, I have had to stop work at my current job.

It is very difficult to get around. I live with my brother and it is very difficult on him.

I see my kids only during the weekends during the school year due to my divorce.

Due to the lack of health insurance, I cannot afford the equipment to help heal my wound faster.

I am right now receiving unemployment benefits. I have applied for SSDI and have been trying to gain employment at home.

My brother on my behalf visits food banks monthly for food. He is currently working and is in the near future moving to be with his fiancée.

I am looking for grants to help pay for rent and utilities until I can get fully employed again. I can have my adult son take me to the food banks with no problem.

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