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46 Year Old Seeks Pain Relief Of Multiple Disabilities After Auto Accident

by B. L.
(Puyallup, WA, USA)

I am a 46 year old in an 80-year-old body. My story began in March of 2005 when I was in an auto accident, which resulted in ruptured disks at the c6-c7 level.

I suffer excruciating pain, in my head and down my right arm. I also have vision issues. I have double vision and limited vision in my right eye. None of this is helpful for me as a make-up artist.

So here I sit 4 1/2 years and 5 surgeries later and still NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO FIX ME. I feel like I'm on the island of misfit toys. (Where's Dr. House when you need him?)

I've had 3 cervical fusions, 1 angiogram, and coiling of a 5mm carotid aneurysm. I'm allergic to residual artifacts in a bone graft.

I've had the same occipital headache for almost 4 years, too much medication, and too many tests. It seems as though every time they touch me or perform a new test I get worse.

I've had everything from nerve block injections to epidurals to the T1 region, and medial branch blocks starting at c1 all the way down to T1. These I had done bilaterally every Tuesday until they were done.

Suffered many adverse reactions to those injections such as, when they got to c7-t1 they had to go through my shoulders to get to the disk level, and not until afterward did the Doctor tell me had I moved a smidge he could have punctured my lung.

2 other pain intervention specialists refused to do the procedures due to the severity of the consequence if something had gone wrong.

I was being injected with Maricaine to numb the area, so think about your diaphragm... I'd be dead on the table.

It's hard to put into words the pain I have 24/7. My head feels like I'm in a submarine without pressure. While in the car the window has to be cracked open a bit, due to the pressure.

I also have a tremor, a blood disease and an E-coli infection.

If that's not enough we tried for a year to get our mortgage modified, they strung us along like a rag doll. Pay us this and we'll do that... So it was done!

We were waiting for our new contract to sign with the new interest rate and when the first payment would be due, only to receive a phone call too late in the day to do anything telling us they had decided to decline our modification due to my condition.

A person with a debilitating condition being declined due to that disability? Didn't make sense to us.

So long story short, we lost our home of 16 years and $100,000 of equity, filed for disability, unable to work basically drowning.

Not enough funds for all the bills and the rent and food and gas? How is this right? Left feeling dejected, rejected, this next month we'll most likely get an eviction notice from our new landlord who unbeknownst to us is in jeopardy of loosing the home he rents to us.

But what do you do? Take it one day at a time, which is all you can do. Thanks for reading I could go on for days if not months, but I'm trying desperately not to get consumed in all the negativity that goes with all you've read above. Smiles all around, B.

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