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47 Year Old Grandmother With Multiple Disabilities Feels 90 And Seeks Help

by Diann Graham
(Jacksonville, Arkansas, USA)

I am a 47-year-old woman who has diabetes along with back problems. I cannot work and as far as I know do not qualify for any programs that will assist me.

In 1996, I got hurt at work and got a payoff from the insurance company to go away. I filed for SSI but was turned down and said to be morbidly obese. I am 5'10" and I weighed 200 lbs.

I tried working but really can't due to the L4/L5 disk issues, since then that disk has caused another disk issue in my mid back and in my neck.

Since I have no insurance or money I have to live with this pain I am in, which hinders my life a lot more than I let on.

In 2005 it was found out that I have diabetes, which is miserable. I no longer have medicine and I'm not able to see a doctor. I do what I can to get by.

I am virtually a shut-in because I hurt so much. I have issues standing, sitting, sleeping, lying, walking and even more things I cannot think of as I write this.

I also have breast density disease and I am supposed to have mammograms every six months to monitor it, but I cannot.

I am sure I have other medical issues that are not known since it's been over a year since I've seen a doctor. Just with the diabetes alone, Lord knows what is going on inside me.

I look for ways to figure out what I am supposed to do with my life, but with all the pain I am in, I am so limited to what I can do.

I often wonder how am I going to make it another year like this and if I even want to (not suicidal, just wonder how to get help so I am not in all this pain).

I have nine grandchildren and one on the way. I feel 90, not 47, and I want to play, go places, do things with them, but I am so limited.

Is there any help out there for me?

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Jan 11, 2010
Multiple Disabilties
by: Anonymous

I too am a back sufferer with degenerative disc disease, nerve compression, and bilateral foot neuropathy. Thank God I do not have diabetes because I recently found out I have osteoporosis.

I feel so bad for you. Times are so very hard dear. However I am a nurse (disabled) as well. It took me from 2006 to 2009 to get my disability. I did not get back pay, as we are also Katrina victims losing all we owned in a no-flood zone in Louisiana without flood insurance.

I am not certain but I believe that 50 is the magic age to be considered for Disability.

First off you must go to a public hospital for the indigent, okay?

Secondly, you need to drink a lot of water. Studies have shown that water will not only flush fat and keep you full, but also bring down your blood sugar. For every 5 lbs you are overweight add an additional 8 oz of water to your agenda daily. In addition, over the counter cinnamon capsules bring down your blood sugar naturally.

You must contact a disability attorney that you only pay if they WIN!! All of your previous medical records must be copied and given to the attorney. I would like you to discuss with whoever diagnosed you the possibility of you going on an antidepressant. Why? Well the obvious, pain in and of itself causes depression, not to mention the inability to even want to get moving.

Increasing the Serotonin in your system will help with the depression. Do not get discouraged, okay? Many pharmaceutical companies will help with your meds if they know you're indigent. You must go to a teaching hospital or indigent mental health clinic. Have you ever seen the Montel Williams commercial about the inability to pay for your meds and the help available?

Keep your chin up, I know in my heart and soul you will get the help you need. You must make those steps, then try to walk, even if it is just one block a day. If you're not allergic to over-the-counter meds alternate Tylenol Arthritis with Ibuprofen, and sometimes Bayer back and body. Even your county clinic for indigent can help you with samples.

Remember that most people with diabetes have hypertension. I am giving you this advice with a good heart, as you must also take over-the-counter Natural Vitamin E Complex with mixed Tocopherols. It is not toxic to your liver and will help bring down your blood pressure naturally.

It is imperative that you do these things. Speak to the pharmacist. It is hard enough with what is going on now with you. If hypertension is untreated it can lead to many awful things. The diabetes has already affected your kidneys, as well as your eyes and blood vessels. Please motivate yourself to go to the county clinic for the indigent. From there they should assign you a caseworker. Good luck and God Bless You!!!

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