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48 Year Old MS Disabled Man Needs Financial Help For Better Care

by Aki
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

He is living with awful pain. It is amazing that he gets up every morning and tries to keep going every day.

His family all left him on the wheelchair alone. He didn't have any help and place to go. We all felt so sad for him and took him into our house.

Our house is not wheelchair friendly. He has no shower room to be able to take a shower. He cannot get in the car by himself. Someone has to pick him up.

It is so sad to see him living like that for us. He needs professional help. He has some Social Security money coming every month, but he cannot get extra support without paying everything out of his pocket.

We do as much as we can, but his condition is getting steadily worse. He needs big money for good treatment and care. We hope there is some help for him.

We pray for him each and every day to bring some happiness in his life. He is too lonely and disabled to do anything, but he can listen to people.

He has a very sweet heart to take care of other people. He is the chosen one to make us appreciate what we have.

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