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48 Year Old Unemployed Man Seeking Grant For Auto Repair Business

by Henry Martinez
(Salinas, CA, USA)

I am 48 years old and lost my job almost three years ago in the road construction trade. I have exhausted my 401K paying for health insurance. I have also exhausted all my unemployment benefits.

I have been looking for work but at every job opening there are around 200 applicants for the same job.

My wife and I are caring for our two young grandchildren who have been abandoned by their drug-abusing alcoholic mother who has not contacted them in over a year.

We're also caring for my wife's aging parents, one who had a quintuple-bypass of the heart and the other having the beginnings of Alzheimer.

We have been getting by on whatever temporary jobs I can find but I would like to have something permanent and I feel that I can do so by starting my own auto repair business.

I have over 30 years experience in the auto and equipment repair and engine building field.

I know that I can provide a valuable service to the community while also creating jobs for the community.

However I lack the financial resources to rent a facility and also purchase the equipment and supplies needed to operate smoothly and start such a venture.

I know that I can make a living for my family and me while also providing an honest dependable service for the community, as well as creating jobs for our community.

I just need the start-up capital for this venture. Thank you in advance for any help you can direct me to. Henry Martinez, Salinas, California.

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