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49 Year Old Breast Cancer Disabled Widow Seeks Home Repair Grant Help

by Helen
(Cassatt, SC, USA)

Part of my kitchen

Part of my kitchen

Part of my kitchen My makeshift shower Ceiling falling down Livingroom with shredding carpeting

My name is Helen. I am a 49-year-old widow on disability who is now going through breast cancer. I live in Cassatt, in Kershaw County.

I am in need of some help. Everywhere I turn, all I've been getting is lip service.

I'm looking for a home repair grant to help me make some much-needed repairs.

I own my home outright and I can neither qualify for nor afford a loan. I receive $674 a month and can barely get by now.

I have a roof that is leaking, a kitchen that doesn't even have a stove. I paid a man to redo my bathrooms as this house had 2 and he took my money and didn't finish it.

I have a new toilet sitting in the kitchen and a pedestal sink that the pedestal is in the living room and the basin is in the bathroom.

I was supposed to have those installed and have the claw-foot tub taken from one bathroom and moved into the bathroom I'm talking about now, which is off the kitchen, and have the water heater moved from under the kitchen counter and set in this bathroom.

I now have the tub, which is still in the bathroom off the living room, and bedrooms set up like a shower. I have shower curtains up to protect the walls and I use a hose to shower with.

The floor in this bathroom is in need of replacing as it is rotted under the toilet. I had someone put a piece of plywood down to keep the only working toilet from falling through the floor.

I turn the water off and on at the main valves behind the tub as the faucets, which are really old, leak water. The toilet runs at times like it has just been flushed.

The kitchen is a nightmare, with the floor needing to be leveled up. I've been looking for anyone with ceramic tile left from jobs.

I want to do a mosaic in the kitchen. I can do it, as I know how to lay and grout tile, I just don't know how to measure and cut the tile.

The carpet in the living room is so old, it is literally shredding and I can no longer use a vacuum on it. It is so filthy I can't use my steam machine on it either.

I bought two new windows and had one installed, and it has to be taken out and reinstalled as it wasn't installed correctly and the vinyl siding also wasn't put back in place correctly.

I have a lot of outside air coming in both in the summer and winter. I still have the second window that was never installed.

The roof is leaking and you can see daylight when you are in the attic.

The house has two bedrooms. One has ceiling tiles and they have been falling down. It is at the point that 1/2 of the ceiling tiles are now down and the ceiling is gone.

I had insulation blown in a few years ago after I moved here and I had them take it to an R-49. I am enclosing pictures so you can see I need help.

My husband of 22 years passed away from lung cancer December 17, 2004. He was 45 and a bricklayer.

Had he not gotten sick and passed over, we'd have had a lot done here and wouldn't have needed any help.

The house was a repo that we bought right before he passed. I thought if we bought this house, since he picked it out, that he would live.

It didn't work out that way. This is why I am in need of help.

I cannot afford to take out even one of those loans that are for low-income people to repair their home. I can barely exist now on what I receive a month.

I enrolled in some weatherization program. It has been two years since I did that and I haven't heard anything about when they can help me if at all.

Some man came out and did an assessment on my home but that was about 6 months ago and I haven't heard any more from that.

I know when he was here he said this house is in dire need of repair. It is structurally in good shape; it's everything else.

The roof was replaced or repaired after hurricane Hugo hit this area in 1989. I don't know if it was only repaired or if it was totally replaced.

A home repair grant or any kind of assistance would help me make house repairs that would make such a difference in my day-to-day life.

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Dec 25, 2013
by: Helen Kruse

I have had this posted for a while and not yet gotten any help. I don't know if I should leave this posting up.

Nov 12, 2011
This Woman Truly Needs Help
by: Anonymous

The pictures speak for themselves. Please help this widowed woman.

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