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50% Disabled Veteran Looking For Debt Relief To Support Young Family

by Daniel
(Raymond, MN, USA)

I'm a 28-year-old veteran from southern Minnesota. In June, I will have been married for eight years. I have three children, a son 6, a son 5 and a daughter 2-1/2.

I have served in the military since 2000. I have been deployed to Northern Italy, and to Baghdad, Iraq. I work as a mechanic for the military.

I am disabled for my feet and ankles. I wore body armor and was a M249 squad automatic rifleman for some of my duties in Iraq.

After a year of walking with the extra weight, the VA says I will need surgery to help repair the damage, but do not know when that will be.

Every morning I get up till the time I go to bed, I am in extreme pain in my ankles and my feet.

Some nights my wife has to help in to bed or I may just stay in my chair because the pain is so great.

In the morning I have to hobble around for about an hour before I am able to move on my own without support.

I returned home from Iraq in 2008. My wife and I bought our first home. It was great for a while.

Got a promotion from work, my wife got a new job, new house and this was the year my daughter was born. Everything was great.

Then in the spring of 2010, we had some rains, and our basement flooded. No flood insurance because we were not in a flood plain.

Our carpet, sheet rock, and etc, was ruined due to the flood. Also, we had black mold that was making my kids very sick.

So we had to take out a home improvement loan for $18,000 to make the repairs. Of course the work ended up being more than the estimate.

We had to take out another loan for $10,000 to help pay some of the additional expenses. I did some of the work myself, so we were maxing credit cards to get everything done.

I have to spend more than $450 a month in gas just to get to work. My wife has to pay half that for her to get to work.

I would like to get a different car, but I owe too much on the truck and cannot afford another payment.

My wife last week had to skip paying bills just so we buy food to eat. I have to pay to send my sons to a public school.

We can't sell the house, because I owe more on it than it is worth. I have had to take the max hardship withdrawal from my 401K just so I can get by for another month. Not sure what I will do after that.

I am currently working for the military as a mechanic. So I have that for income coming in. I also receive VA benefits of 50%. I work in the fall as a farm hand.

My wife is currently working part time. I have tried to pick up a part time job, but with the economy I have a hard time.

After 8 hours of being on my feet I don't know if I would be able to do another 6 to 8 hours, due to my injuries.

I am looking for grants or a very low interest loan to help me get out of debt. I cannot file bankruptcy because of my wife's work; she would lose her job.

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