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50 Percent Disabled Army Vet Seeks Daily Living And Student Loan Help

by Ronald Hensley
(Loudon, TN, USA)

I am 29 years old and separated. I have been fighting the VA since I got out of the Army in 2009.

My family has disowned me because of my mental afflictions. I have not seen them for over a year. I have not been in a relationship for several months due to my financial crisis.

I am unemployed. I have $14,000 left on my unemployment security; however I cannot access it. I have been denied Social Security Disability for unknown reasons.

I do not have transportation, nor do I have a license. I have no way to support myself and need help with daily tasks and living.

Disability Issues

I am 50 percent disabled for the following reasons:

- Tinnitus
- Severe hearing loss
- Bursitis
- Build up in all of the joints in my body
- Loss of movement due to repetitive motion in the Army
- Partial loss of vision due to shrapnel on a live fire training exercise
- Severe migraines, source unknown
- Degenerative disk disease from carrying heavy things long distances while running
- Blown out knee cartilage the same way

I have PTSD from all of the above. I have severe anti-social behavior and a lot of other issues caused by, or aggravated by my military service.

I gave all I could and now I'm suffering because of it.

Financial Hardship

I have copious amounts of debt due to my inability to work. My account is overdrawn severely due to medical issues.

I have been in financial stress since I got my medical chapter from active duty. I owe about $10,000 for college student loans.

I owe several loan companies and I am unable to survive in such an environment.

Income Efforts

I have tried to find work from several temp services and "under the table" jobs all of which have ended badly.

I have taken loans from friends, family and anyone I could.

I have tried to sell platelets and plasma, as well as sperm.

I can't make money in any of these fields due to medical problems.

Specific Needs

I need help; anything would be helpful, if nothing more than prayers. I want to be able to live. I can't afford to die at this point in my life.

I hope to get assistance with Social Security Disability, raising my disability rating and maybe getting a grant to pay bills.

If possible I would appreciate help with dental and medical costs.

Business Idea

I would love to start a non-profit community garden. Any ideas would help. I am a volunteer. I will help all those who will help themselves. I hope you can help. If not, thank you for trying.

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