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50 Year Old Accident Disabled Woman Seeks Grant For Greater Independence

by Thalia S. Echols
(Tuskegee, Alabama, USA)

I am a 50-year-old mother of three children who are adults now. I have two grandchildren, both boys.

I am the fourth oldest of eight siblings. Both of my parents are deceased.

My disability is a result of an on-the-job injury to my cervical spine. This injury occurred January 9, 1993 while I was working as a store manager.

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I injured myself as a result of heavy lifting. My injury was four herniated discs to my cervical spine.

I have had six major surgeries to my cervical spine, which includes three fusions with metal plates, and the removal of the C7 disc of my cervical spine and T1 of my thoracic spine.

These discs were replaced with metal discs followed by another metal plate. I have a total of thirty-two screws in my neck.

After the first five surgeries I got a job working as a Chiropractor's Assistant. In June 2004 I had to stop work if I didn't want to become completely paralyzed, which was starting to happen.

In October that same year I had my six surgeries. In February 2005, I was granted my disability from the judge.

Two vocational experts at the hearing said that it would be a medical risk for me to keep working at the kind of job I was doing and especially using my arms.

It is hard to perform everyday duties around the house, but I manage to do so even if it takes me longer to do it than it did before I was injured.

I am currently receiving SSI, which is the only income that I have. I have been searching for at-home jobs to assist me with my income, but have not had any success

I am looking for a grant to help me with paying off some bills or help me to maybe start my on business

If I could, I would like to start a business that would help other people to have a second chance at life, a chance to start anew.

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May 13, 2015
Work at Home
by: SheilaKay Paris

Hi Thalia,

It's been since 2011 that anything has been written here so I wanted to stop by and see how you were doing and if you had found any work at home yet.

Please check out:

Disability Digest

It's not a work at home website, but a free disability help spot that works closely with Don here. It offers all sorts of resources for you once you sign up at the bottom of the page. Nothing is charged to you.

Good luck and many blessings,


Sep 29, 2011
Workless in Washington
by: Ken

Hi Thalia,
Working from home can be worthwhile, but you have to know how you are going to be paid. Copy and paste this address to your browser. They have a lot of information there, and what to expect.
Good luck, hope it helps,

Sep 29, 2011
Never give up hope
by: Mike

Hi Thalia, My name is Michael Harden. I read your profile. First of all I'm really sorry for your condition. Anybody as young as you should not have to live in fear of going paralyzed, just from everyday chores.

I'm also disabled, so I completely understand about living on pennies from SSI. Its really difficult, but keep your head up. God does hear us, and there is help out there for us. My prayers are with you and your family.

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