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50 Year Old Cancer Surviving Woman Seeks Renovation Grant Money

by Cynthia
(Elizabethtown, NC, USA)

I am a single 50-year-old female. I have one child who is 22 years of age and lives out of state. She's out of work at this time so she can't help me in any way.

I am not totally disabled. I work a full-time job but after being diagnosed with cancer in October 2007 life has been difficult and finances tight.

I have insurance but for my specialist and going to the cancer center I have two bills. One from my oncologist, the other from the hospital the cancer center is connected with.

I have problems with my knees and I am going through physical therapy at this time.

Finances are tight. I have no other income except my paycheck.

When I was out of work for the six surgeries I had to have, my finances were even more difficult because I did not have any income coming in.

I was able to get assistance for food but no money. I had to wait each time until I went back to work to collect my disability.

My debtors worked with me but I got further and further behind. I am indeed grateful for my debtors understanding my circumstance.

The medication I take to keep the cancer from recurring makes me gain weight. This is where I think my knee problems began.

I attend church on a regular basis, and am very active in my church. I have so much to be thankful for. I want to give back in any way I can. Working in my church is a way for me to give.

I am also an asthma patient. From January through February 2011, I was sick in the house mostly for complications with asthma.

The house I live in was built in 1972. When I was able and had the finances I enhanced the look of my home.

As of now I need new windows. I have to put plastic on my windows from the inside to help keep some of the cold out.

I need a better heating and cooling system. I cannot afford to pay for this myself.

My electric bill runs over $100 each and every month, even more in the winter time when I run the electric heaters to stay warm.

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