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50 Year Old Disabled Air Force Veteran Seeks Grant Money While Awaiting Appeal

by Tim
(Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA)

I am a 50-year-old retired Air Force Veteran. Fortunately I retired at a good time and didn't have to serve in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I have been struggling for 2 years since I lost my job as a cable installer.

I am married, and have a grandson that we watch every other weekend so our daughter doesn't have to pay for expensive daycare.

I have three daughters, I work for $12 per hour and this isn't helping the bills. Since retiring it has been nothing but an uphill battle.

We barely live paycheck to paycheck having to borrow to make ends meet all along the way. I am a hard worker that is always looking for a better paying job, which is hard to find, even if you are a Veteran.

I would like a grant to help pull us out of this financial crisis and help us have a little saved over from payday to payday.

I would be in better shape, but my ex-wife gets well over half of my retirement, which makes money matters even worse.

I would use a grant to help pull us back into financial independence. I have been helped a lot by family, but they are getting tired of providing.

A grant would give me the opportunity to stand up and get our lives back on track instead of worrying about how to pay the electric bill, medical prescriptions and other items that we are presented with on a daily basis.

I am currently receiving 10% disability for an ankle injury that I incurred while in the Air Force. I have an appeal with the Veterans Administration for an existing Negative Protein S condition.

I must take Coumadin (Blood Thinner) on a daily basis to keep my blood levels within range. I developed a blood clot, while on Terminal leave from the Air Force, so I was still considered Active Duty, but didn't file for a disability until 7 years later in 2008.

My appeal is ongoing and I don't know if I will win; it is just being reviewed.

I also have an appeal for a lower back injury, which I suffer from occasionally, due to my job in the Air Force. I take Meloxicam, a form of Celebrex to help alleviate the condition.

After losing my job in 2009, I lost both vehicles due to repossession. I have a vehicle, which my family purchased for me, and I make monthly payments to them.

I live in a place that my family very generously got for me by taking out a second mortgage on their home. I pay them rent as much as possible while trying to stay afloat and get my medications.

I don't live close to any installation, so I go to private physicians that accept TRICARE Standard. So I have a co-pay each time for their service and to be able to pay for medications.

It's very stressful, trying to make ends meet from payday to payday.

My wife has been looking for a job, with little results.

I do receive help from the local VFW food bank, but their sources are limited as they have a lot of needy Veterans that are in worse shape than myself.

I would like a personal grant that would provide us assistance to make it through until my appeal gets approved.

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