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50 Year Old Disabled Man Seeks Housing Grant Money To Salvage 100 Year Old Home

by Charles
(Pepperell, MA, USA)

I am a 50-year-old disabled man. My wife and I have been together for 18 years. We have two children at home.

Out of work for several months, I fell down a flight of stairs carrying my toolbox, just two months after my wife gave birth to our youngest.

I ruptured two disks and had a fracture.

After several surgeries and different types of therapy such as physical, aqua, acupuncture and electric, I slowly get worse day by day.

Sometimes my wife needs to help me dress or undress. Eventually I will be in a wheelchair. Walking, standing, sitting are all difficult.

I push myself to complete tasks and do what I have to do. But this causes stress and pain.

The medications they have me on work somewhat but not enough that I could go back to work.

Before I was injured my wife and I had a fire, which forced us to live with her mother for several months in 1995.

During this time I worked three jobs to save money in order to buy a house. In November of 1995 we moved into the house to find my wife was pregnant.

Four months into the pregnancy my wife was having trouble and was put to bed. I worked two jobs and took care of my wife and our son.

In August of 1996 my daughter was born 12 weeks early. In October of 1996 on my way to a job is when I first hurt my back.

My wife was back to work at that point but with me being out of work it was very difficult. In August of 1997 I was cleared to go back to work light duty.

I need to reduce the weight of my toolbox to fifty or less pounds. Going down the stairs at a job I got a shooting pain and fell down the stairs. I was told I fractured my back.

I have not really come to terms with the fact that I can't work to support my family. I help as much as I can around the house but major things I just can't do.

I was unable to return to work. I did seek alternative employment but no one would hire me because of my back situation.

I applied for RSDI/SSI in 1999. I was approved in 2003, thankfully. The RSDI is helpful but not as much as when I was able to work two and three jobs.

My wife works fulltime and has been with the same employer for 29 years. She does the best she can and I do the best I can to take care of our home and family.

We are trying to find financial help to rehab our home. It was built between 1855 and 1860.

The original main supports are trees they cut down and hammered up. They are starting to crack and deteriorate.

Financially we can't save enough to get the major work done that needs to be done.

We worry that the house will fall in on itself if we don't have this work done.

Before my injuries I would do all the work myself. But between my physical incapacity and the money needed I just can't do it.

Down the road I will be in a wheelchair. The doorways in the house won't accommodate a wheelchair.

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