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51 Year Old Army Veteran Seeks Food Shelter And Education Grant Money

by Theresa Allen
(Shenandoah, VA, USA)

My name is Theresa Allen. I'm a 51-year-old Army veteran, married twice, divorced once.

I'm not sure of the status of my second marriage. My husband walked out on me in 1994 and I haven't seen him since.

I have two sons and two grandsons.

I served in the Army as a cook from March 30, 1979 to December 4, 1981, and then again from October 20, 1986 to February 28, 1992.

I was doing fine until my husband left. From that point on everything has gone downhill.

I'm looking for work, but no one will hire you unless you have a degree or an accreditation next to your name.

I want a job but I need an education to get a decent job. I am darned if I do and darned if I don't. I don't like asking for help but at this time I have no options.

I have no disabilities, so that is not an issue for me.

At the moment, I have an 81-year-old friend with whom I share rent, utilities and groceries. This is fine as long as I have a job.

It isn't really working out though because either I don't have a job or if I do, the employer finds some reason to get rid of me.

I have been looking for work and filling out applications, all to no avail.

Right now I am trying for food stamps but social services doesn't seem to be in a hurry to help. I applied July 28, 2011 and have nothing as of August 8, 2011. Food is running pretty low

I am looking for anything that will help me get out of this situation. I need a job and an education to hold a job. I also need assistance where food is concerned.

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