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51 Year Old Disabled Woman Seeks Grant For Education And Independence

by Sheila
(Basile, Louisiana, USA)

I am a 51 year old divorced twice female. I have two children and have worked from the age 13 to the age of 39 until I had a mental breakdown.

I stayed in and out of hospitals for five years. Then I became physically handicapped and I am still working with doctors to be able to walk.

I am also losing my hearing and am trying to get educated to be able to work from home so as to get off of disability.

I have schizoaffective disorder and manic depression brought on from a dysfunctional childhood family. I blocked it out of my mind until I was 39 years old, then I had a breakdown.

I was told I would never work again do to the fact I can't function normally everyday to hold down a full-time job.

During this time I also developed rheumatoid arthritis. I had to have a left knee surgery then I broke my left leg. It was trying to heal but healed the wrong way and rheumatoid arthritis set into the left ankle.

I wasn't able to walk when Dr. Frente said I needed an ankle replacement. When they did an ankle replacement they cut a nerve ligament that caused four toes to deform.

It causes me to have special shoes made and I cannot stand more than 15 minutes at a time. I have to use a wheelchair when going long distances, even in a grocery store.

My right leg now needs knee surgery but my left leg is not strong enough to hold me. I need a job where I can sit and work when I am in the right state of mind and able to work from home.

I also wear diapers because I am having kidney problems. There is a retroaortic left renal vein in my kidneys causing pain in my lumbar spine and also the buttocks, which just happened recently.

I am mentally and physically challenged and taking a lot of medications and need help.

The ear doctor told me September 19, 2011 that I was going deaf with speech and tones and would need a hearing aid within a year and a half.

I have Louisiana Resources that are willing to help me educate myself to work at home but I have no transportation.

I need a car or van to carry the wheelchair to be able to go to Louisiana Resources, doctors, psychiatrists, church and hospitals. I do not have a wheelchair ramp to get from the house to car/van.

I have a lot of medical bills, which I cannot afford.

I need a computer and an iPhone to work from home.

I have trouble taking a bath so I need to have a walk-in shower put in so that I may be self-sufficient everyday instead once a week.

With this help it will enable me to have transportation, a clean bath everyday, get help educating myself, pay medical bills and drug bills. I am on 25 medications.

With the equipment I need to work with, I will hopefully one day get off of government disability and work for myself.

With this help I will be able to pay someone to help me take baths, cook meals for me and clean which I am not able to do at this time.

I am on government disability now but I am trying every avenue by borrowing the next door neighbor's computer and iPhone to help me get started with a home based job that I am capable of doing at anytime day or night when I am feeling good.

So far I have not been able to get the help that I need to get the equipment that I need, transportation, wheelchair ramps, computer and iPhone, and a walk-in shower.

With the neighbor's help I can see in the future that I will be able to work on my own, for my own whenever my life will enable me to.

My plans if I were able to get this money is to be able to bathe everyday, have transportation to get education and equipment I need and pay off medical bills and get help with cleaning and cooking and living as much normal life as I can.

My specific needs is to have transportation that allows to take my wheelchair, walk-in shower which allows me to take a bath everyday instead of once of week, and education to work on computer and a iPhone from home.

I need money to help with the hundreds of dollars for medical bills and drug bills.

I need the money to help pay someone to shower, cook and clean so I am able to get off of government disability and work to earn a living all on my own.

I need to take lip reading classes to help me read peoples lips when talking. Also I need a TTY phone within the next year to be able to talk on phone and make contacts with doctors.

With this help I will have my neighbor to help me make sure it is done properly. She is typing this on her computer as I speak to her. Thanks I look forward to hearing from you.

This story is not about a business grant but I do hope it enables me to end up with a business that I can work from home. I am on government disability and would like to not be dependent on government checks.

I have a product I have thought of which I would like to go on the Internet and see if I can get it made and distribute it throughout the United States.

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