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51 Year Old Multiply Disabled Woman Seeks Government Disability Grant Money

by Donna
(Cleveland, OH, USA)

I'm 51 years old. At 47 I became very ill. I was suffering from multiple illnesses. I just didn't know it.

I thought it was due to long work hours and a very hard job. I suffered with pain, stiffness, restlessness, weakness and loss of energy. I was always tired and achy.

Then guess what? One year later after multiple tests of various types, I found I have osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, two bad discs in my neck with a bone spur, two bad discs in my lower back, bursitis, tendonitis and rotator cuff issues in my right shoulder so my arm won't go up over my head.

My head leans to the left; it's been stuck that way for a long time now. I have rheumatoid and inflammatory arthritis and now have severe depression because my whole life has changed.

I went from being a very active person (although sometimes in pain) to now living with all this and pain every minute of every day!

Medication is expensive but so far I've gotten a little help there. I got a Hoveround but Medicare won't pay for the lift I need that goes on the back of the car to transport it so I can get around doctors visits.

I have to ask my sons to come take it apart, put it in the car and go with me wherever I'm going, then wait for me so they can take it apart again and put it back in the car.

Financially, disability pays very little. I almost lost my house. I'm behind on all my bills and can't keep up. I need financial help to pay my bills and help with the cost of daily living, repairing damages in my home and get my portable lift for my Hoveround.

Can anyone out there help me? I would like some help with securing a government grant. Aren't there any easy to apply for grants for the many disabled people out there like me that need financial help for medical equipment bills, food, home repair, and so on?

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