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51 Year Old Vision Disabled Man Seeks Government Grant Money For Fresh Start

by Mark A. Ellis
(St. Charles, MO, USA)

I am a 51-year-old married man that is need in of help. A government grant or anything similar is what I'm looking for.

I worked in a factory until 3 years ago, when my right eye went bad due to an eye disease called keratosis. I have had 3 cornea transplants during this period.

I have been treated (ECT everything) for depression since the 1980s.

I worked for 30 years in a factory until the eye issue. While waiting for social security to go through, my bills have been adding up.

I finally was awarded social security disability last fall.

My eyesight not good enough to read the fine tools that we used at the plant. But through this my depression got worse worrying about finances.

Even though I have bad eyesight in the right eye, the judge gave the social security because of depression and what I had gone through.

They are taking money out of my social security check for taxes. My wife works and they are taking out $1000 a month from her check for the same reason.

My truck was just paid off, and I made arrangements with my credit card company for monthly payments, which is the only debt I have.

I am just looking for a fresh start and try to get on with life possibly getting our own place in a few years.

We had a house in 2005 but had to sell it due to finances.

Thank you for reading and for directing me to any government grant money that might help us out.

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Jul 31, 2011
Disability Hardship
by: Anonymous

The entire world has gone to the dogs. I too have had major depressive disorder since 1988.To expect me to live on $1600 a month is very difficult. May God's peace be with all of us.

Mar 29, 2011
Don't give up!
by: Robert Brownlee

I have been disabled since 10/2003. We lost our home and everything my wife and I had worked hard to have. I broke my back. I now have 4 plates, 6 screws, 3 fusions and nerve damage. My left leg doesn't work right and I'm in constant pain.

I wasn't approved for disability for almost a year. My doctor had a GOD complex - he fixed me and the pain was in my head. After going to a social security doctor he wanted to shake my hand because of what I had been through. My pain management doctor - Todd Sitzman of Hattiesburg, MS- said I would never work again.

With all the injections, pain killers, muscle relaxers and antidepressants that I have to take just to get by every day, life is hard but we get by with no help from anyone. Now my wife has had a heart attack and lost her job. But we keep going on.

We started over and now live in a mobile home, a single wide 16x80 with payments of $565 a month because our credit went down the toilet. It's a far cry from the 2450 sq. ft. house we had in Florida.

Everyone gets hit with hard times from time to time. Just resolve to make the best of it and to make improvements wherever possible without complaining about what you can't change.

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