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52 Year Old Bipolar Divorced Female Seeks Government Grant To Buy Mobile Home

by Donna
(La Feria, TX, USA)

I am a 52-year-old divorced female with a mental disability of bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed with the disorder in 1974 when I had an episode that changed my life 100 degrees around.

We had three growing children in school at the time. I tried returning to work and worked for a year and had a relapse and ended up in the hospital again.

I worked in the medical field doing medical billing and it was very stressful therefore I couldn't do it any longer. I have been in the hospital many times since then.

I went back to school and picked up a trade as a barber, but once I graduated and started working, the shaking of my hands, paranoia and lack of concentration returned, and I ended up in the hospital again.

Of course I had to quit working before I poked someone's eye out. I have done volunteer work and the same things start to happen.

I have come to face the fact that I am not a functional person with my bipolar disorder. I rent a small crowded little one-bedroom mobile home and pay $400 monthly.

There is a used old mobile home with lot, and much roomier with two bedrooms that I could have to rent with option to buy across the street that I could get for the same $400 monthly but it would be mine.

But the owner really prefers a cash deal. I would stop paying rent, which is a never-ending story, and I would have extra monies for veggies and good meals.

I would have a place to make a garden and grow veggies and I could plant trees to sell and do more for myself and healthy as it is very relaxing and good exercise.

Maybe my psychiatrist could get me off some of my medicines. With being a disabled person being on a fixed income I would stop paying rent and be a homeowner.

If I could get a government grant I could own immediately and avoid rent and be able to survive a little better since we will not be getting yearly increases to our social security for a couple of years and if the economy doesn't change maybe longer.

Bipolar disorder is known as depression and I see myself in a world with not too many options when I cannot work and I love to work and not expecting handouts.

But as a disabled American I have wants too and I would love to own that used old mobile home that I could call mine and I could let another disabled person share the second bedroom.

That way the government would help two disabled people at once. Sort of a home for disabled people without the middle man wanting a cut for supervision, as I do not need supervision and I could find another disabled individual not needing supervision also.

This would be wonderful if I can get a government grant and the government doesn't have to pay continuous rental monies for two disabled people.

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