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52 Year Old Disabled Marine Corps Veteran Seeks Liberating Housing Grant Money

by Charles Cloud
(Sallisaw, Oklahoma, USA)

I am a 52-year-old male, disabled veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

I participated in Desert Storm and served my country faithfully and proudly for almost 12 years.

I am married to a nurse, and we have two bright young sons who wish to serve in the military also, and who currently serve as Young Marines.

A 100% disabled American veteran, I originally damaged my back in a mission in an amphibious assault vehicle off the coast of South Korea in 1984.

My back injury gradually worsened over the years of service until I was honorably discharged as a staff sergeant in 1991 at the war's end and with degeneration of discs and joints over the years since.

I am unable to work now due to my disability and now have been diagnosed with cancer, which I am fighting.

However, I still continue to have bills coming in and keep getting more and more in debt, it seems.

My wife is a nurse and works all the time, but it is still hard to make ends meet.

We have tried programs to get out of debt, but they ended up charging us and just hurting, rather than helping our credit.

I have a power chair for when I need it to help me get around, as I have good days and bad days, and I am on medication and have two young boys to help raise and look after.

We have just not been able to make ends meet and have anything left to save back.

We have tried to apply for grants in the past, but just didn't know how or where to apply or how to write requests for them or which grants to apply for.

My wife works hard as a nurse at a clinic and tries to work a lot of overtime to earn extra money, but we still struggle to get by month to month.

I draw Social Security Disability and veterans disability but still do not qualify for a home loan.

I am looking for a grant or a low interest, zero down, guaranteed loan to build a real brick home for my family before my boys are grown.

It needs to be big enough for my family to live in comfortably and where I can get around in my power chair when needed.

I want to be able to get around the house without worrying about tripping and falling in close quarters.

I have been trapped in this doublewide trailer and have not been able to get out from underneath the loan and into a "real home."

I'm not able to get around well in this small trailer, which is basically a safety risk for any disabled person.

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