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52 Year Old Mother With Disabled Husband Seeks Grant For Suitable Home

by Karen Moore
(Westminster, SC, USA)

I am 52 years old and my husband is disabled. I have to stay at home with him because he had brain surgery and he has to have someone with him.

He forgets what he is doing and he does things he should not do and he could get hurt. He sometime gets real ill and mean so I have to be with him.

If I could get a grant I would build a good home and I would foster children with no homes. But I have no money to do this.

If I have to stay at home then why can't I help him and others? There are kids out there that need a loving home and I have the love to help people.

I just don't have a big home with a lot of bedrooms and the money to get it started.

I live in a small town not many jobs. So many kids need homes and what I want to do is build a home for them and take care of them and my husband.

Here a picture of my husband, my girl, two boys I have kept for 7 years and me. These two little boys are like my family now.

But they are back with their parents now. That was like losing my own kids. They were happy with us and wanted to live with us forever.

But DSS gave them back to their parents that are still on drugs. DSS didn't want to hear the truth or try to find out anything that was going on.

I know that these two kids will come home to us when they get older and I will have a place for them again.

I love kids and hate to see them hurt and have no one that understands them. I know I could help keeping these needed kids I just need the grant to get a big place to care for them and my husband.

I guess I'm asking for a start to help kids and me and my husband. No handout, just a business to help needed kids.

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