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53 Year Old Disabled Female Meat Cutter Needs Government Grant Money

by Evelyn
(Napa, CA, USA)

I am 53-year-old woman who worked as a meat cutter for the past 20 years. When I turned 50, my health took a turn for the worse.

I became a meat cutter not knowing I had epilepsy. During my 50 years of life I became ill from Graves' disease, sleep apnea, breathing problems and major depression.

Then I began having seizures. I went on temporary disability for a year and during that time got a blood clot in my leg so things got even worse.

I was so scared to look for a new job with these conditions. When the claim ran out I tried to go back as a meat cutter because I didn't want to lose the retirement and health benefits I have always had.

I could not handle the workload so the doctor put me on part-time hours. That prompted me to file a permanent claim for disability. That claim was denied and I appealed.

I had a hearing where the judge denied me and said I could do light work. In the hearing, the career specialist said I don't qualify for light duty, but the judge still turned me down.

I emotionally and physically broke down at that point and then the doctor put me off work again. I do not have an income at this time and I'm fighting to get my 286 hours of sick leave from the union.

They are saying that I can't get full or even part pay because I have a state disability claim in the 0 balance BUT IN APPEALS. So they will pay me around $600 a month for a job that I made $20.87 hour and have 286 hours held by the sick leave department in the union.

Next month I will not have money for my car payment, food, and utilities. If and when the 286 hours run out I will have no income again and still be waiting for my long-term case to go through.

I need financial help and in four months I will need to pay Cobra to keep medical benefits.

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