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53 Year Old Disabled Man Seeks Disability Grant Money To Save Family Home

by Scotty Carmichael
(Thomasville, NC, USA)

I am a 53-year-old disabled retired US Postal worker and son of a WWII Veteran. I'm looking for some government disability grant money to help save our family home.

Married for 26 years, I'm the father of three boys, ranging in age from 11 to 21. My family is precious and I don't want to let them down.

Living in rural Thomasville NC, I worked in maintenance for the Baptist Children's Home of NC, Mills Home Campus for 17 years. In July of 2000 I was forced to retire on disability.

When I'm not with my 85-year-old Mother, I do volunteer work for a high school and middle school band and I am an amateur radio operator (HAM) and I build wooden ship models.

I was permanently disabled on July 7th, 2000 when I had surgery for a four-day-old burst appendix.

The massive infection and tissue damage resulted in the removal of 85% of my right abdominal muscle mass.

High fever from the infection has caused me to have short-term memory loss and the abdominal integrity loss has resulted in spinal stenosis.

Now I have motor nerve damage to my legs as well. In September of 2004 I had to start using a power wheelchair because of my very limited walking and standing ability.

I am also a diabetic and I heal very slowly and the diabetic neuropathy nerve damage in my legs and hands is not reversible. Doctors have told me that I would have to live with it.

Now I am scheduled for a prostate exam because of a high PSA level and a MRI I had for constant headaches detected a benign brain tumor that will have to be treated.

In 1999 my family and I moved to the property where we live now, with the understanding that we would take care of my elderly parents.

After they pass away we are to receive the property for being their caregivers. One year after I was disabled, my father died from cancer.

While putting his affairs in order we discovered the property was mortgaged. My 85-year-old mother is still paying the mortgage, but it is doubtful she'll be able to pay it off before her death.

This will mean losing our home. Because of our limited income we do not qualify to even apply for a mortgage or take over or refinance the present one.

Raising three boys with two in college, my SS Disability has left my family below the poverty level. All we can afford is necessities.

I have not been able to afford any home repair or upkeep. I cannot repair or replace the van that carries my wheelchair.

I cannot use my power chair away from home or go anywhere I would have to walk.

With the upcoming medical tests and procedures I can't even guess at what expenses are ahead for me to pay. Medicare will not pay for everything.

Due to the spinal stenosis and neuropathy I have no idea what changes or equipment I could need in the future.

Having worked for a nonprofit organization, the income that my SS Disability is based on was far below the average income scale.

Because of this my SS Disability is below the poverty level. I had to withdraw all of my retirement to make our home handicap accessible in 2004 and my wife and I have no savings.

My wife is only able to work part time because of my health and also being the main caregiver for my mother.

I have a small home business for brass musical instrument repair. The work is very seasonal and economy based. A lot of the repairs I do I only charge for parts and materials to help the students and parents out.

In the past I have searched for grants to replace my van but so far I have not been able to locate any help.

The most important thing I am looking for is a way to keep our family home.

I just know there are government disability grants somewhere that can help. If anyone can direct me to them, I would really appreciate it.

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