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53 Year Old Single Mother Seeks Grant For Medically Urgent Moving Expenses

by Sandra McGehee
(Denton, TX, USA)

Sandra McGehee

Sandra McGehee

I am a 53-year-old female, single and medically disabled mother of three boys ages 18, 26 and 34. I'm looking for a government grant to help with moving expenses.

Recently, I lost my youngest child after he succumbed to the devastation of a myofibroblastic pseudotumor that he battled against for nine years.

Together we fought the battle but lost the war. My son was everything to me and to lose him was the most horrific experience of my life. I was in poor health myself given my illness.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and severe Auto Immune Disorder, which affects my daily routine and ability to function.

After the loss of my child, given my emotional state, I was advised to relocate from Florida to Texas to be near family.

I found though that my circumstances only worsened. I became even more ill and did not receive the proper medical care that I desperately needed.

I have experienced isolation and no support system in Texas as I once had living in Florida. The medical care needed is there for me now in Florida and the emotional support of loved ones is available for me in Florida as well.

Given the low income I receive monthly on SSI Disability I am unable to afford to make a move that will save my life.

My financial hardship is the inability to make an urgently necessary move back to Florida where I can receive the medical treatment I need with a team of doctors dedicated to treating my complex medical disability and that specializes in the treatment of autoimmune disease and MS.

I am limited financially by my inability to afford all that I need to relocate to a more medically supportive and emotionally healthy environment that will provide me the well being I need to cope with and be successful in my medical treatment.

My inability to work is due to my debilitating illness. I receive $693 monthly in Social Security due to my inability to work, my disability and rare immune disorder.

I am desperately asking for a grant to assist me in my urgent need to move to Florida for my medical care and to be closer to those who are willing to help me in whatever way that I may need assistance. I pray for your understanding given my circumstances.

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