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54 Year Old Accident Disabled Construction Super Seeks Debt Relief

by Dave Miller
(Aspen, Colorado, USA)

I am a 54-year-old construction superintendant. I should say ex-superintendant. I was injured in an auto accident during the course of my work.

I was diagnosed with shoulder injuries and cervical spine injuries resulting in a shoulder replacement and a cervical fusion.

Then while I was getting treatment for these problems I had another accident also during the scope of work where my back was injured, resulting in a 3-level lumbar fusion.

Both accidents were caused by the other drivers' negligence and I am in litigation but being it was an auto accident I am having trouble with work comp claims.

In the meantime I was terminated from my work because of my ongoing total disability. I have good people working on my case but it takes a lot of time and work to settle these issues.

What I'm looking for is financial help to keep from losing my house as the savings and short-term disability have run out. I am not looking for a handout just a hand up.

When I get back to some sort of work or financial stability I would pay it back. I have always been able to take care of my family and myself but this situation is more debilitating than the actual injury.

Not being able to take care of my responsibilities is very discouraging and therefore inhibiting my sense of wellbeing and slowing my physical recovery. All I think about is how to pay the bills.

Every day something comes up that I can't pay and it weighs heavily on my mind. I hope there is some way I could get help to help my family and myself get back on our feet.

Thanks for any advice or answers you can help me with. Dave Miller.

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