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54 Year Old Bipolar Disabled Cheyenne Seeks Debt Relief To Keep Home

by Cheyenne Gipson
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)

I am a 54-year-old who is bipolar (schizophrenic, paranoid, nervous, not able to cope like normal people) and mentally disabled from birth.

I worked at Hertz Rent a Car for 11 years from September 1997 through September 2008. I claimed unemployment benefits until June 9, 2009. I started working for Raytheon on June 9, 2009 as a Lab Manager.

My check will be garnished from Tinker Federal Credit Union. I have been making an effort to make a payment of $50, since I have returned to work for the last five months and was even paying when I was earning unemployment money.

Tinker Federal Credit Union wants to garnish 25% of my take home pay, which will cause me to get behind on my major and critical monthly bills: mortgage $600, car $300, repairs to my 2006 Toyota Corolla, alarm system $26, gasoline $40 a week, food $150 and medication $450.

They asked me if I could pay $175 while I was drawing unemployment. I've offered to pay what I could. Now that I have a job, they have not asked me for a minimum payment. Tinker Federal Credit Unit did not contact me prior to garnishing me. I get this information from their lawyer and my employer.

I will not be able to pay my bills or eat after my check gets garnished. I will be garnished this week December 3, 2009. They will be taking 25% of my take-home pay. After my check is garnished, there will not enough to live on according to my budget.

I have a college loan of $22,000 that I have owed since 1999 and have just filed forbearance. It is hard to get help if you do not have children and the deduction is expensive out of my check.

I feel that I am being punished for having a job and there are millions and millions of people out of work. It seems their lawyer has to find someone's money to take. My check will be garnished until $6600 is paid.

I talked to several organizations and they said to file bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy makes it hard to find a job and the possibility of losing my home and car.

If I get laid off, it will be hard for me to find another job due to filing bankruptcy or getting my check garnished when the hiring company does a background check. My credit score was above 600 and now it is below 600.

I need to get work done on the roof of my home and I have sewage problems that I have been putting off in order to make ends meet. I cannot get a refinance loan because of my roof being damaged.

The insurance company has a high deductible that I cannot afford. I am looking for a trusted refinance company. I do not qualify for the FHA or Fanny Mae or Freddy Mack because my income is too high.

I have a conventional mortgage loan on my house. I do not trust living in an apartment due to the high rise of violence and a good apartment costs more than my house payment.

I wish I could find a grant to pay my house off and I can get the other items by staying on my job. Thanks and God bless you.

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