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54 Year Old Grandmother Seeks Grant Money For Home Quilting Business

by Mary Maley
(Macon, MO, USA)

I am a 54-year-old divorced mother of 2 boys. I'm from a family of 6 kids with me the only girl. I also have 5 grandkids, only one is a granddaughter.

My dad was in the Navy for 20 years and my oldest son spent 8 years in the Army, which included 2 tours to Iraq. Youngest son has stayed around where I am to help me out.

I have CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). This causes the nerves and muscles to deteriorate.

It started from breaking 2 bones in my wrist and hand in 1987, when I was trying to teach my 4-year-old son to roller skate.

The doctors didn't find the navicular break till 3 months after the break. So, I was in and out of a cast for the next 2 years.

The pain was so hard on me and cried all the time. I had to carry my arm around and my fingers were drawing in.

My 2 little boys helped Mom out as much as they could.

I had the first surgery done. It released nerves in my elbow, carpal tunnel, and they had to take the tendon from middle of wrist and move it to the side of my wrist and build a new sheath.

This surgery lasted for about 7 years before I was back in for more surgery. I had to have a rib cut from my neck and 3 muscles removed.

This caused chest pain. I was told that I would never know the difference between a heart attack or not. This pain is the same.

Next surgery I had half of my thyroid taken out. On to the next surgery for the CRPS was cutting the sympathetic nerve in my upper back.

This surgery was very risky cause I was given a 90% chance of being paralyzed from the neck down. The pain was so bad I was begging for this surgery.

This helped out but didn't take away all the pain. I was able to handle life better.

Then they started injections in my upper back and on narcotics. I live in pain 24/7 and take the narcotics to cut enough pain so I still have some enjoyment of life.

I was working most of this time cause I was raising 2 boys on my own. But work was getting to me.

I couldn't use my left hand much again and it had progressed to my whole left side now. Starting to go into the right arm.

It was taking my legs to where I could hardly walk and I was passing out from the pain. I am passing out now and falling over backwards.

I had to go on disability at work till I could get my Social Security/ Disability. I did get that after being denied the first time.

I ended up losing my house cause with doctor, hospital and medicine I couldn't keep up any longer.

I don't have a vehicle at this time, which I am in dire need of. Getting to where I need to go is hard to find a ride to anyplace.

It's been 2-3 days before I can even get a ride to the grocery store.

I have to travel 3 hours one way to the doctor and trying to find someone who has a whole day that can take me is really hard to come by.

Then you have to pay for their gas, eats and they also want you to give them extra money for taking you.

Nobody wants to help others out without money being involved.

At home I really have a hard time. Days I can't get up. Hard to get the dishes done cause I can't stand for over 10 minutes.

Housework, I can't get caught up cause it just seems to get away from me. I can't walk very far and really in need of a motorized wheelchair.

I am falling over backwards from passing out when a new pain hits. Ended up with a concussion.

I don't know how I will be able to use the wheelchair in this house cause it's not big enough.

Moving and trying to come up with first and last month's rent is almost impossible.

I am drawing Social Security/Disability, which is only $948 a month. I get Food Stamps at $130 a month.

I do enjoy making quilts and sewing cause this helps keep the stress down and makes me happy. This way I can keep this disease from progressing any farther.

I do sell some of my quilts so that I can make a little extra money.

I am looking for a grant so I can get a vehicle, and start up a home business. I would like to start a business sewing and making quilts.

I would like to do this on a non-profit business so I can help the needy out. Say for fire victims, homeless, etc. Those that need a quilt that is made with lots of love, says my 5-year-old grandson.

I could sell enough to make back the materials that I use. I would need a sewing machine, serger, etc.

This would help my CRPS out working on my own and able to rest when needed. I would also like to pay off all bad debts. I really would like some help.

I would like to have a non-profit business of sewing and quilts. To start this up I would probably need around $50,000.

This would include sewing machines, (Would need 2 different types, one for lighter weight and one for heavier fabrics) serger machine, quilting frames, tables, fabric, batting, thread, etc.

I would also need a vehicle so that I could go and get my supplies and be able to take quilts to where they need to go.

I want this as a non-profit business so that I could help those who are in need of repairs on their clothes, or in need of a quilt.

I could ask just for what supplies cost me so that I can replace what I used.

Times will come when someone won't be able to pay and then I might have to sell a quilt to reimburse what I used out of my supply.

I feel this way I'm helping others out for the help that I am getting.

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