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55 Year Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Money For Homes And Businesses For The Blind

by Karen Bailey
(Parker City, Indiana, USA)

Hello, I am a 55-year old blind lady whose life has been left in shambles through the actions of another person.

My 87-year old mother who has Alzheimer's disease is now in a nursing home after signing legal documents she says she did not understand.

As a result, the trustee for my mother's account decided she was not accountable to anybody, either one of us, and absconded with my mother's money and stole our mail as well.

This has resulted in my current homeless condition. After the closure of the sale of my mother's old house where I lived I had little choice but to go into a hotel on my meager funds and a friend tried to partially bail me out.

Another friend, whom I met over the Internet offered to take me into her home in another state and on November 16th of this year 2009, I traveled with my ten-year old Seeing Eye dog from Massachusetts to Indiana.

Due to current federal laws, as I was told by several lawyers, I cannot access my mother's cash for my survival, and neither can she. I am currently staying at my friend's home on a porch with another person who is also looking for work and he has a disability also.

Before I knew that the trustee was dishonest, I had hoped she would purchase a property so my dog and I could live comfortably, but she lied in front of one of the lawyers and told him she would purchase a property I had picked out.

This never happened, and I became homeless. I have not heard from this person who is the trustee since I left the state of Massachusetts, and friends have tried their best to confront her without success.

I also went to the court, but they would tell me no remedy. Therefore I am left with meager funds and have no idea how to survive in the next few months.

I went to several rehabilitation agencies that say they can do nothing either for housing or a job, or school. I went to six hundred apartments.

The rehabilitation agencies say they can do nothing in both Indiana and Massachusetts. One of them outrageously suggested since they couldn't find an apartment for me that I go into a nursing home.

This too is ridiculous since I have been taking care of others for the last 20 years and have been out on my own before that time with a job with the state of Massachusetts as a social worker for several years.

In order to help others, and myself I propose to purchase land for housing for others placed in a homeless condition with proof of no fault of their own.

I would like to take care of the disabled community, which has few resources when family doesn't exist to help them like me.

I propose to place several small buildings on a site to provide both housing and a place for start-up of small businesses, as the blind are at the bottom of the economic scale in our country with 80 percent being currently unemployed.

Such small businesses would use skills those blind persons would already have or could be educated to run a business. Such an experiment was partially tried in Spain on reports and a group of blind persons ran a newspaper business successfully.

Most blind persons although they have a college education have not had the employment opportunities as their sighted or non-disabled counterparts.

Most have gone to college for four years but sit idly home with parents unable to find work or make any progress.

Only one percent of the blind population is presently employed, and the state or federal government employs most.

I would like to give the blind something to look forward to in their lives, a place to have their own housing in small apartments or tiny homes and the opportunity to learn how to run a business.

I would have to hire consultants, as my own business degree never took place due to too many graphics in college books today instead of words on a page.

I would like to take skills that some of the blind already have such as good cooking skills and turn these into a job for them so we will no longer be at the bottom of the economic ladder.

I propose that if the building was just a single building that could be found to renovate or built that the first floor will be for small businesses and the second for housing with any modifications a blind person will need to make them independent living alone in their own apartments or small homes on the property.

As the executive of the project, I would live on the site myself, and aid in the daily running of the project. I would like to run a small business myself, either running it with my current skill as a social worker, or something more practical as baking or selling products to the public from the site.

I also have extensive office skills, which could be utilized, due to my past job with the state of Massachusetts working with the elderly blind doing rehabilitation after they became newly blinded.

If you are interested in this project, which I have been urged to present by several other blind persons in the past few months, please contact me at my e-mail if you can help me acquire land, get consultants for the project or help me in any other way.

With my current homeless condition, for the fifth time, I feel something has to be done and now is the time to do it!!!

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