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55 Year Old Belinda Seeks Government Grant For Family Housing And Debt Relief

by Belinda
(Rossville, GA, USA)

My name is Belinda. I am 55 years old and my husband Michael is 57. He was formerly with the Secret Service and had just transferred to the Department of Agriculture as a Deputy Inspector General when he was shot in the head while off duty. This was due to no fault of his own.

Because he was in the police force prior to this, he had always paid into the pension fund that his place of employment offered. With the Federal Government, he did not get very much of a disability pension, because he was only 29 years old.

I have always been in Interior Design. Michael and I decided to open a Design Studio. I had already been doing design work out of my home when we opened the studio in the last three months of 2007.

Well, we all know what happened in 2008. The financial meltdown basically took its toll on our business. We had put all our resources into the business. We tried to work with people on the lease, our inventory and anything else we could, to no avail. The President's plan to help suffering small business was a bit late for us.

After we were forced to close the store, we started doing some remodels because it was about the only thing people were needing. My son and I did this ourselves. Not just because of money but, because I have always been a hands on Designer.

I started getting weak, loss of muscle strength and control, loss of memory, cognitive reasoning and shaking severely. No diagnosis at this time other than neurological disorders many illnesses can cause this. I applied for disability, but no diagnosis looks dim.

We are about to lose our home. I found out today that our car is going to be repossessed. My husband has to start taking Interferon because of the hepatitis he got from transfusions from the gunshot wound.

He has uncontrolled diabetes and kidney failure. He does not adapt well to different environments because of his brain injury. He will need constant help because this medication will make him very sick.

We have out-of-pocket health care this year of over $9,000. Our granddaughter has special needs. I would like to be able to let my husband stay here, because he has been very depressed about everything and had to be hospitalized and put on suicide watch at the VA.

My granddaughter that I have permanent custody of has ADHD, bipolar disorder with psychosis. So it makes it very hard for her to make changes also.

I do not care about losing our house myself; I only want to make it easy for them. I trust in God always. It is a humbling experience for I have always taken care of everyone else with God's help.

I know now that God is wanting me to learn to accept help as he leads and guides me to the right places. Thank you for your consideration. Michael and Belinda.

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Oct 10, 2011
Federal Workers Compensation
by: Anonymous

Have you talked with a federal workers compensation attorney?

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