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55 Year Old Multiply Disabled Woman Needs Government Disability Grant

by Laura Beth Ebbing
(Bigelow, AR, USA)

I am a 55-year-old single RN/RNP who has worked (very hard) as a nurse for 34 years. The physical toil has adversely affected my spine and I can no longer work.

I also have a history of abusive husbands who have also caused damage to my spine. An intruder raped me in my home in 1984.

I was subsequently diagnosed with PTSD, which has made it very difficult to work in such a stressful profession as nursing.

But I have loved every minute of my patient care giving and miss it very much. (I must add that the politics of our healthcare system made giving quality care almost impossible and unbearable but I stuck with it only for the love of my patients!).

I have had allergic asthma since childhood. Last year I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr syndrome, high levels of CMV and chronic high levels of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which I had five years ago (untreated).

Last December I was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea along with Periodic Leg Movement. Then in February I developed severe chronic neck pain, which continued to get worse.

In June, an MRI and X-ray showed misalignment of my cervical spine with severe stenosis, bone spurs and degenerative osteoarthritis. After a fall on July 2nd, which made the pain unbearable, I lost my job.

My spinal deterioration continues to get worse. I can barely use my hands and arms because of the pain, and I now have lower back pain with sciatica, which makes it difficult, to sit, stand or walk for any period of time.

I have a teenager living at home (along with 5 cats and a dog). My son is finishing high school through an online program and plans to start college next September when he turns 18.

I have two elderly parents living nearby who are in poor health and need help caring for their home and property, along with financial help that I can no longer provide for them.

They lost a $200,000 retirement savings through the stock market and now must live only on Social Security. They cannot afford their medications during the "donut hole" period that they are currently in.

I sponsor a toddler girl in China (up for adoption) through Holt International and two boys through Compassion International -- one in Bolivia and one in Uganda.

Neither boy has parents and they both consider me their "Mom." I will never give up my support, love and commitment for these boys until I get them into adulthood and hopefully through college.

I am also a Level 1 Advocate for Compassion International trying to find other sponsors for children and educating the public on poverty. I also have been sponsoring K-Love Radio (mission Christian music) and the ASPCA. In September all of my sponsorships were put on hold.

My disability payments do not start until Feb 24th, 2010. I have been scraping by with my last July paycheck and medical reimbursements.

I had to cash in my retirement (401K) which will only pay for unpaid September bills, all of my October bills, unpaid water line repairs, a severely overdrawn checking account, another home repair and money borrowed this last month.

My monthly child support only pays for the mortgage and we now receive food stamps.

From November 1st to February 24th, I will not have one cent to pay for my basic living expenses, which amount to $2400 per month, including all utilities and other living expenses, Cobra, car and home owners insurances, and my student loan which has been put on hold again.

This amount does not include the mortgage, food, car and home maintenance problems. My satellite is off so we can't watch TV.

I cannot have my first spinal surgery until I have a regular income as I will have no one to help me do anything as head of household through the long recovery period.

I am desperate for an income of at least $2400 per month for this period of three and a half months.

I have prayed for help and this is the only option that I know of. God Bless anyone that can help us through this difficult period.

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